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December 19, 2000

Besides Steve Allen, there was another celebrity who passed on in October of 2000. On October 18, Gwen Verdon also left this world behind. She was Bob Fosse's third wife. Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows were soulmates. Bob Fosse was king of Broadway but he was not exactly Gwen Verdon's Prince Charming.

Verdon and Fosse were married from 1960 until Fosse died in 1987. But they lived together for only a small fraction of those years. During their entire "marriage" Fosse openly carried on with numerous women. He asked for a divorce a number of times but Verdon always refused. Interestingly, instead of vigorously pursuing a divorce, Fosse chose to remain married while vigorously pursuing other women. During their marriage, Fosse became the most successful director on Broadway. He was so successful that during the 1972-1973 season, he became the only person to have ever attained the Director's Triple Crown, by winning an Oscar, an Emmy and a Toni. Fosse's hits included Cabaret, Chicago, Damn Yankees, The Pajama Game, Pippin and All That Jazz. While Fosse made Broadway hits and made love to beautiful Broadway stars, Verdon seemed content with being the wife, even if it was in name only, of the most powerful director on Broadway. For most of those years, she lived a lonely existence in a New York hotel. In essence, Gwen lived with heartbreak because the man she married was having one affair after another and another and another.

One of the many capabilities of Magi Astrology is that it can help you better understand even a relationship as messed up as Verdon and Fosse's. By applying the consistent rules of Magi Astrology, and using the declinations and Chiron, it is easy to see how Fosse and Verdon could believe they were in love but that they were not meant to live together as man and wife happily ever after. Below is a Combined Alignment Chart (CAC) of the couple. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Fosse was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Verdon was born. Immediately, you can see that the two of them form the Heartbreak Clash.

When two persons have a Clash formed by Saturn and Chiron, we call the Clash a Heartbreak Clash. As we have explained elsewhere on this website, the Magi Society's research tells us that the Heartbreak Clash has a very dangerous and deceiving characteristic. It seems that the Heartbreak Clash has two stages and changes its influence from one stage to the next. In the first stage, the Clash seems to bind two persons together and works in such a way that the two persons can mistakenly believe they are in love. But sometime later during the second stage, the Heartbreak Clash normally reverses its influence such that the result is for one or both persons to fall out of love with each other. This second stage may not begin until months or even decades after the couple first meet.

The Heartbreak Clash normally results in heartbreak. Most often, the heartbreak occurs before the relationship actually results in a marriage. But if a couple forms a Cinderella Linkage as well as the Heartbreak Clash, the chances of marriage are increased but the odds of heartbreak are not decreased. This is because a Cinderella Linkage does not cancel out a Heartbreak Clash. In fact, no Linkage cancels out the effects of a Clash. Instead, both work at the same time and are always present. But the Heartbreak Clash is the worst Clash because it changes its influence somewhere along the way.

When the Heartbreak Clash turns into its heartbreak mode, our research tells us that the Clash usually seems to overpower a Cinderella Linkage. For this reason, the most likely outcome of a CAC that has both a Cinderella Linkage plus a Heartbreak Clash is eventually a traumatic heartbreak. In the case of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, they had a marriage but they never divorced---legally. But they were divorced emotionally. That is maybe the worst type of heartbreak because it does not give either person a chance to find true happiness with someone else.

There are many other factors to consider when analyzing a CAC. For example, it is important to look at the natal aspects that a person was born with. As the CAC above shows, Bob Fosse was born with what the Magi Society calls a Sexual Aspect. The Sexual Aspect was formed because Bob Fosse's Mars and Venus were making a MAGIcal Angle to each other. (This is the same type of aspect that Mick Jagger has.) As we explained in other parts of this website, people who are born with a Sexual Aspect are much more sexually oriented than most of us and are therefore less likely than most to resist temptation. In Fosse's business, each working day abounded with temptation. It was like having a gigolo in a harem. We can all learn from this. If we are looking for a faithful love union, we are much less likely to find it if we fall in love with someone who has a Sexual Aspect. And if we do fall in love with someone with a Sexual Aspect, we are better off if she/he does not have a profession that abounds with temptations.

There is another dominant characteristic about people who are born with Sexual Aspects. They also generally need to be with someone with whom they form Sexual Linkages. Otherwise, they are rarely satisfied and will quickly stray. But the converse is not true. In other words, forming a Sexual Linkage with a person born with a Sexual Aspect does not reduce the chances of infidelity. In Bob Fosse's case, Gwen Verdon did form a Sexual Linkage with him but this certainly did not prevent him from carrying on with other women. But Fosse's profession contributed to this problem. As the most powerful director on Broadway, he was regularly conducting auditions for new talent. In particular, he was looking for new dancers. You know, the kind of dancers with irresistibly beautiful bodies plus graceful and sexy movements. In fact, Gwen Verdon met Fosse during one of his auditions. When Gwen married Bob Fosse, she had to have realized that Fosse would meet thousands of other women in future auditions, just the way she did before. It was Gwen's choice to get married anyway.



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