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February 3, 2006


Magi Astrology can help us fulfill our dreams and maximize our success. 


In our first book, we revealed that most super successful people were born with at least two Super Aspects.

The book revealed there were twelve Super Aspects (such as Jupiter and Pluto making a Magical Angle) and each Super Aspect helped the native to have a jump start on achieving success.  Success was in the stars!


Unfortunately, this information does not help us to be more successful because we have no control over whether or not we were born with Super Aspects.


However, in our third book, we revealed several ways we can actually harness the power of the stars and maximize our ability to make money, attain fame, become powerful, etc. Below are the two best ways to harness the power of the stars to help us be as successful as we can be:





Magical Success Principle One: Become partners with someone who was born at a time when the planets make MAGICAL PLANETARY GEOMETRY with our own natal planets. 


Magical Success Principle Two: Become partners with someone who was born at a time when the planets make GOLDEN LINKAGES with our own natal planets.



The “partner” can be any entity including a person, corporation, country, institution, or absolutely any entity.


Just about every super famous and super successful partnership is the result of Golden Linkages and/or Magical Planetary Geometry.


Therefore, it makes sense to try to become partners with someone with whom you have both Golden Linkages AND Magical Planetary Geometry.


In the rest of this link, we give you super famous examples of super successful partners and explain in detail exactly how Magical Planetary Geometry and Golden Linkages can be formed.





As almost everyone knows by now, Steve Jobs and Apple Computer have achieved super success together. But the most amazing aspect of their combined success is that they attained it not just once but twice on two completely different innovative products; Apple invented and marketed the first personal computers and the Ipod.


In the 1970s, with his partner Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Apple Computer invented, produced and sold the first personal computers.  They all entered stratospheric success and then they crashed.  In the early 1990s, Apple started off with a huge bang and became a Cinderella of Wall Street in the 1980s but by the end of the decade, it was losing money.  During the 1990s, Apple held a minuscule portion of the personal computer market while companies like Compaq and Dell replaced it as the PC darlings of Wall Street. Things got so bad at Apple that its Board of Directors kicked Steve Jobs out and replaced him with John Scully who used to run Pepsi Cola.


But Scully turned out to be far from the solution man and things went from bad to horrible under Scully’s mismanagement - so Apple’s Board of Directors invited Jobs back, first as a consultant but ultimately as an interim CEO while they looked for a permanent one.  Steve Jobs ultimately did so well again for Apple that he officially became CEO once more and his first major initiative was to begin development of the Ipod.  By 2004, Apple again became a Wall Street darling as Ipod and its associated website,, both became fabulously successful.


In summary, Apple Computer achieved success with Steve Jobs, failed with others, and then achieved success a second time with Steve Jobs.


Why has the combination of Apple Computer and Steve Jobs been so legendarily successful?


The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology is the best way to unlock the secrets of the stars.


The astrological story of Steve Jobs and Apple Computer is a perfect example of the Magi Society’s Magical Success Principles because:


Steve Jobs and Apple Computer form Magical Planetary Geometry and also they form Golden Linkages.


Below is the CAC of Steve Jobs and Apple Computer showing their Magical Planetary Geometry and Golden Linkages.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Jobs was born and the red planets show the positions of the planets when Apple Computer was born (incorporated).




In the above CAC, there are three Golden Linkage and there are two sets of Magical Planetary Geometry.





Our third book details how Golden Linkages are formed.


One way a Golden Linkage is formed is whenever two Financial Planets form a Linkage.  Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto are the four Financial Planets.  In the above CAC, there are three Golden Linkages because


1. Apple’s Venus makes a Magical Angle (trine) to Steve Jobs’ Neptune.

2. Apple’s Chiron makes a Magical Angle (trine) to Steve Jobs’ Pluto.

3. Apple’s Venus makes a Magical Angle (parallel) to Steve Jobs’ Chiron.





Two persons can form Magical Planetary Geometry if their natal planets combine in a CAC to form any of these Symmetrical Patterns:


Grand Trine

Grand Sextile

Magical Rectangle

Iron Butterfly (to be explained in our new 2005/2006 Members Only Website)


If you are a student of astrology, you are already familiar with the Grand Trine and Grand Sextile. But the Magical Rectangle and Iron Butterfly are unique to Magi Astrology.


The CAC of Apple and Jobs form two distinct Magical Rectangles as follows:


A: The red Jupiter plus the black Venus plus the red Juno and the black Jupiter form one Magical Rectangle.


B: The red Chiron and red Venus combine with the black Mars, Pluto and Neptune to form the other Magical Rectangle.


The four sides of a Magical Rectangle are two trines and two sextiles.


Magical Rectangles are among the most powerful of all Planetary Geometry.  They are signs of great potential and often result in super success.  But there is a drawback to them – each Magical Rectangle has two oppositions.  In the case of the CAC of Apple and Jobs, one of the oppositions is Saturn opposition Jupiter, which is the Nuclear Clash.


In several other links on this website, we have explained that according to the principles of Magi Astrology, every Clash and every Linkage in a CAC has an effect and is a part of the relationship between the persons forming the CAC.  Each Linkages and Clash has an effect and they never cancel each other out. 



A great Linkage does not ever cancel out a bad Clash; instead both the Linkage and the Clash are always present and have influences.



This is exactly what happened between Apple and Jobs.  They formed an overwhelming number of great Linkages including Golden Linkages and this would predict great success - and they were very successful together.  But they also formed the Nuclear Clash that would predict that there would be times when they simply would not get along and fight like crazy – and that is also what happened; the Apple Board of Directors fired Jobs. 


The more we learn about Magi Astrology, the more we understand what is happening anywhere. 


But Magi Astrology does a lot more than just help us UNDERSTAND success of other people – Magi Astrology also can help us ACHIEVE SUCCESS. 


We can become more successful ourselves by utilizing the principles of Magi Astrology to find the company we have the best chances of being most successful with.  We can also optimize our chances of attaining super success by using Magi Astrology to find a person who can become our partner for success.  That is exactly what happened with Elvis Presley and “Colonel” Tom Parker.





Everybody will agree that Elvis Presley is one of the most successful entertainers of all time. Interestingly, virtually every Elvis fan knows that his manager was “Colonel” Tom Parker.  Parker was the only manager Elvis ever had and the two of them rode the rocket of success together.  Elvis was the fabulous performer while Parker handled all the business matters.


The CAC of Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley formed five Golden Linkages and also formed Magical Planetary Geometry.  Below is their CAC.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Elvis was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Colonel Parker was born.




In the above CAC, it is easy to see that Elvis and Parker formed a double Grand Trine.  The Grand Trine and the Magical Rectangle are both examples of Magical Planetary Geometry.  The two are actually about equal in power.  However, the Grand Trine is better because only Magical Linkages are formed in a Grand Trine whereas the alignment of planets that create a Magical Rectangle always also form two oppositions. 


When two partners form Grand Trines, they are compatible and will most likely remain partners.  Other examples of this are Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon.


Elvis Presley and Steve Jobs do not have fabulous natal charts – but they achieved fabulous success because they formed Golden Linkages and Magical Planetary Geometry with their partners.


That is one reason why it is important to be able to easily see when a CAC form Magical Planetary Geometry.


Ten years ago, the Magi Society examined all the Astrology Software Programs available because we were looking for a software program that would help us to easily detect Grand Trines and Magical Rectangles.  We could not find any such software program in all of astrology.


So we had to develop our own software programs.


The Magi Society gives valuable software to everyone who joins the society.


The Magi Society’s software programs are the only astrology software programs that display charts in a way that help you to easily see Magical Planetary Geometry. 


We also offer Interpretation Software Upgrades that help you to easily understand what each significant Linkage and Clash really mean in depth, as well as what each significant transit means.  


And we have a free Certification Program for our members who wish to learn Magi Astrology and become Certified Magi Astrologers. 


If you would like to receive information about how to join the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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