There have been spectacular new discoveries in the astrology of love, sex and money.  Now astrology can finally be truly accurate and helpful.


These new discoveries have been used to create a new form of astrology called Magi Astrology.  Magi Astrology was created by our organization, the Magi Society, and we are headquartered in New York and the Far East.





The Magi Society is the world’s largest association of astrologers and we are the authors of three astrology books that have quickly become classics.  The books teach the principles of Magi Astrology.  As a testament to the remarkable value of Magi Astrology, used copies of Magi Society books sell for up to 10 times their original cost and are worth more than any other used astrology books.





Traditional astrology can be fun but it is too vague and disappointing.  Traditional Astrology is also full of superstitions.  That is why scientists all laugh at Traditional Astrology.


Magi Astrology has none of the superstitions that popular astrology has.  Unlike the popular Traditional Astrology that you are used to reading about, Magi Astrology is precise and specific.  Magi Astrology is specific and very useful and is based on the alignments of the planets.


The planets were aligned in July of 1995 and Magi Astrology was born with the publication of our first book.


Magi Astrology is simple and actually easier to understand and learn than popular astrology because Magi Astrology is INTUITIVE – the principles of Magi Astrology are what you would intuitively think they should be. They make sense.


We invite you to a free download of the first 300 pages of our third book by clicking here to learn the simple principles of Magi Astrology and help you live a much better life.


Once you download and read our free ebooks, you will be able to understand the hundreds of articles on this website.  More importantly, you will be able to improve your life in every way.



Below is a very brief summary of the most basic principles of Magi Astrology.






Below are the most basic Magi Principles of Love:


  • Every planet has a special meaning.

  • There are Romance Planets, Sexual Planets, Financial Planets, etc.

  • Venus, Chiron and Neptune are Romance Planets.

  • Venus, Mars, Juno and Pluto are Sexual Planets.

  • Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto are also Financial Planets.

  • To understand what is happening, just look at how the planets are aligned.

  • A man and woman whose Romance Planets are aligned well could fall in love.

  • A couple whose Sexual Planets align really great can have really great sex together.

  • A couple whose Financial Planets are beneficially aligned can make money together.

  • How the planets are aligned on the day two persons meet is also important in shaping their ultimate relationship.

  • How the planets are aligned on a wedding day determines the character and success of the marriage.


    Essentially each and every relationship can be clearly understood by using the above basic Magi Principles of Love.


    What we just wrote may sound like an exaggeration to you, but we invite you to judge for yourself.



    On July 10, 1999, the US Women's Soccer Team won the World Cup of Women's Soccer. They all became Cinderellas. But Cinderella Transits are quite rare. Fortunately, there is another type of transit that helps an athlete to become like Cinderella. And you probably guessed it; the most important of these transits are based on Chiron.

    When Chiron makes a MAGIcal angle to the position of the Sun when an athlete was born, the athlete is having a Chiron Super Transit, and will perform at peak and gain recognition for his or her abilities. Quite often, the athlete will also be viewed as a Cinderella. This is what happened with the key players on the US Women's Soccer Team. The two players that were most like Cinderellas were both blessed with the Chiron Super Transit! Chiron was making a MAGIcal angle to their natal Suns.

    Below is the Magi Astrology Transit Chart (MAT Chart) for Mia Hamm, on July 10, 1999. The announcers referred to Mia admiringly as the "best female soccer player in the world." Mia was in her Golden Time because of her Chiron Super Transit. She also had one Golden Transit. Chiron was parallel to Pluto.

    The above chart shows exactly why Mia Hamm was having a Chiron Super Transit and another Golden Transit during the World Cup! She was so much of a Cinderella that she actually was used in a television commercial with Michael Jordan and was favorably compared to the incomparable Jordan. There's a Cinderella for you.

    There are eleven players on a soccer team. But the one that got the most press was Brandi Chastain. You know-she's the one that kicked the winning goal in the shootout and then immediately took off the top of her uniform revealing a black athletic bra underneath. Her picture was flashed all around the world. Brandi was in her Golden Time. She also had a Chiron Super Transit! Below is the Magi Astrology Transit Chart (MAT Chart) for Brandi Chastain on July 10, 1999.


    The above chart shows exactly why Brandi also had the Chiron Super Transit when she became a Cinderella in sports. But that is not all she had. She also had two other Super Transits of the golden variety. Pluto was trine her natal Venus and Jupiter was parallel her natal Pluto. Mia Hamm also had the Jupiter-Pluto transit on July 10, 1999. Such transits are very powerful, special and very helpful for athletes. We talk about these special types of Golden and Silver combinations of planets in our book, Magi Astrology; the Key to Success in Love and Money. We also discuss them in the Members Only Section of our website.

    If you might be interested in joining the Magi Society, you can email us a message by clicking here and sending us a message. We will email you back information about the society, the benefits of membership and an application, as well as information about our special software, MagiSoft. We used MagiSoft to create all of the actual astrological charts on this website and it is an invaluable tool for the analysis of sports. Magi Soft also makes the games much more fun to watch because you often know when someone is in a Golden Time.


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