August 31, 2006

The new American football season is about to begin and we know that many of you are
football fans and are interested in the Astrology of Sports.

Magi Astrology helps you to enjoy sports much more because Magi Astrology helps you
to know when any player will be more likely to play well, or not so well. Athletic
performances are influenced a lot by LUCK. Scientists have no idea how to predict
good or bad luck but Magi Astrology helps us to know when anyone is in a Cinderella
Time or a Heartbreak Time.

For example, when a quarterback throws a perfect pass to his most reliable receiver,
it does not mean the receiver will catch the pass. The receiver could slip, or he could
zig when he should have zagged, or he could drop the ball or lose sight of the ball
or any number of things could happen to prevent the receiver from catching the pass.
Even a sudden gust of wind could gust up and blow the ball away from the receiver.

Only Magi Astrology helps you to forecast if someone is having good or bad luck. With
Magi Astrology, you do not need the time of birth, you just need the birth date.

So we have provided you with the birth dates of every NFL player who is with a team
at this time. This data is organized by team.

By using our software and this data, you can enjoy the football season to its fullest
and watch Magi Astrology work on every game and every player. And you can impress
your friends with the accuracy of your “hunches.”


Click below for the birth dates of all the players on NFL teams:

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins

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