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The breakup of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall was the most talked about celebrity breakup this year. But the divorce of Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi received almost as many headlines.

There was a time when Barbra Streisand attended all of Andre Agassi's tennis tournaments. After a while, Brooke Shields replaced Barbra. Brooke and Andre married in 1997 and then divorced in 1999. Soon afterwards, Steffi Graf replaced Brooke Shields. Andre is quite a ladies man. You can get explanations of the astrological reasons for his success with women, as well as the divorce, through a link on our Members Only section of this website.

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Below is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of Brooke and Andre. The red planets represent the positions of the planets when Brooke was born and the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Andre was born.


Once again, you can see that there are quite a few Chiron Linkages, which we highlighted using the thicker green lines. The thin green lines highlight that Andre's Chiron makes a 60-degree angle to Brooke's Jupiter and Sun. This is important because these alignments combine with the Chiron-Uranus linkage to form a Romantic Super Linkage (explained in our third book). The Romantic Super Linkage is a Chiron Linkage that is the Dominant Linkage because it has the most powerful Combined Planetary Geometry (also explained in our third book).

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