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When you have read all of the links on this site, you might be wondering how all of this new knowledge might shed light on some of the most profound unanswered questions of all time, such as:

Humankind has asked such questions since we began to be able to think. But we have never really resolved them. Now, we have come to stand at the gateway to a New Millennium, and we have gotten no closer to any answers. However, if Magi Astrology really works as we are confident it does, then the philosophical, scientific and religious ramifications of this new knowledge cannot be overestimated. Just think about this for a moment: What are the consequences to science and religion if Magi Astrology becomes generally accepted as a reliable way of predicting whom we are likely to marry, and the time we will marry? What does it mean about the universe if we can use Magi Astrology to accurately forecast when each of us will have a Golden Time or a Turbulent Time?

At the Magi Society, we have given a great deal of thought to such matters. In our opinion, Magi Astrology finally helps to provide us with some real tangible clues that will ultimately help us to see what is true and cast aside what is not. In the future, we will add links on this website where we will examine how Magi Astrology helps us to resolve each of the above issues. Right now in this link, we will discuss just one of the above profound issues and we begin with the following thoughts:

When we know how the planets really work, we see that the planets help us in all areas of our lives. We also cannot help but realize that astrology helps to ensure that what is good will always ultimately prevail over what is evil. The rules of astrology work so well in this way that it is impossible to imagine that astrology came about by chance.

Our conclusion from this is that a Benevolent God designed astrology as a way of helping humankind.
Because of our new knowledge of Magi Astrology, we now finally have some evidence that humankind has been under the protection of a truly Benevolent Providence. We think this realization may be the most fabulous news and best Christmas gift we can have for this 2000th Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.

To begin to understand how we came to this sweeping conclusion, let us first make a few observations that are not directly related to astrology. We will come back to astrology and the existence of God in a little bit.


On December 3, 1999, NASA landed a probe onto one of Mars's polar caps in hopes of finding water. The NASA scientists should have consulted a Magi Astrologer before landing their lunar probe. You see, the day they chose to land their probe on Mars was a very bad astrological day. On that day, Saturn was making an exact 150-degree angle to the Sun. The Mars landing took place within hours of a very rare midair collision of two small planes over Florida. No wonder the Mars probe could not operate properly. Scientists will still have to wait a while before they find out if there is any water on Mars. Poor NASA.

For decades, NASA has been absolutely dying to find a trace of water somewhere outside of Mother Earth. There is a lot at stake here. This is because NASA and almost all scientists claim that the existence of water on another planet would mean that life could have developed on that planet. But the Magi Society believes otherwise.

We are certain that sooner or later, NASA or another organization will find incontrovertible evidence that there is water on some other planet, either in this solar system or another one. However, our question to these scientists is:

Since when is a trace of water a sign that life could develop?

Our point is that the requirement for life to exist is not just merely traces of water, but HUGE amounts of water and most of it must be DRINKABLE water.

The only way to get drinkable water is the way we get it on Earth, through the cycle of evaporation and rain that we call the RAIN CYCLE. When water evaporates, it gets purified. On Earth, contaminated water is purified through the process of evaporation of the water and its return to Earth when it rains. It is this Rain Cycle with its constant supply of purified rainwater that allows life to exist here and be sustained. Unless a planet has a Rain Cycle, there simply cannot possibly be life. A trace of water is simply not enough.

The odds against any planet possession a Rain Cycle are incalculable. In order for there to be a Rain Cycle on a planet, the planet needs a perfect balance of a huge amount of water, along with the suitable temperature range for evaporation and condensation, plus precisely the necessary levels of atmospheric pressure, and a host of other special circumstances. Without this Rain Cycle to purify water, even the most primitive and basic life forms could not have possibly developed and be sustained. We believe that the Earth's Rain Cycle is unique to Earth and so efficient and perfect at providing us with life-sustaining drinkable water that it is a SIGN. It is a sign of God's presence, and of his love and Benevolent Design.

Astrology is also a sign of the presence of a Benevolent Designer.


In our three books totaling nearly 1500 pages, we gave substantial evidence that the alignments and movements of the planets have a profound influence on our lives. We gave our readers valuable rules to help them assess what type of influence is most likely to result from each type of alignment and movement. Most of our readers probably noticed that at the heart of this overall set of rules of astrology is the existence of a very strong bias to the influences of the planets, and this bias is definitely advantageous and beneficial to all of humankind.

For one thing, the number of good astrological influences overwhelms the troublesome ones. For example:

The history of this world confirms that humankind is divinely protected. There have been some devastating times but we survived them all and ultimately always made progress and reached a higher level. After all, right now we have been saved from the brink of nuclear holocaust and the world is enjoying a state of unprecedented peace and prosperity. For the first time in history, dictatorships have limited influence on Earth and democracies are cooperating to control most of the foreign policies that effect this world. We are a long way from the times when insane Roman emperors could force their evil whims on most of the western world. We are also a long way from the times when almost all of humanity lived in dreaded fear of the plague, or had to labor hard in the farms all day, every day, just to have enough food to survive an upcoming winter. Can anyone deny that the trend of history has been towards progress and a more peaceful, abundant and healthy existence for all of humankind? We have a long way to go but we keep advancing. The trend of humankind is definitively up. And all the predictors of doom, gloom and chaos have been proven wrong.

Astrology and the planets were designed to help us continue to advance in all ways. Almost all of the examples of this astrological design are extremely complex, but below is one example that even a novice of astrology can understand.


The way Saturn and all the other planets move in the declinations is a clear indication that a Benevolent God must have designed their motions as well as astrology in order to aid us. You see, Saturn never moves over 22.9 degrees in the declinations, whereas eight out of nine of the other traditional astrological planets do move over 22.9 degrees. The Magi Society has long known that this fact has been crucial for peace and prosperity in this world. Let us explain what we mean with the help of the chart below.


The illustration above is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) where the black planets represent the positions of the planets when the United States was born on July 4, 1776. (These are called the NATAL PLANETS) The red planets represent the positions of all of the transiting planets in the sky on the day of the stock market crash of 1929 (October 29, 1929). Note that in the Declinations, transiting Saturn was at 22.5 degrees in the South Declinations and therefore was only 0.3 degrees from making an exact contra-parallel to the natal Sun of the United States. When a transit is exact, the transit is at its most powerful. When Saturn makes an exact parallel or contra-parallel to the position of any natal planet, it is a sign of turbulent times. In this case, it was a sign of the Great Depression that followed. Saturn was in a similar position during World War II. When Saturn makes an exact transit to one of your important natal planets in the Declinations, you could be in for a lulu of a time.

But fortunately, Saturn may not ever hit some of your important natal planets. Saturn never moves over 22.9 degrees in the Declinations (even though every other traditional astrological planet does, except Neptune). This means that every natal planet that is over 22.9 degrees in the Declinations never has an exact transit by Saturn, but the natal planet can have exact transits by all of the other nine traditional astrological planets, except Neptune.

For example, in the birth chart of the United States, there are four such planets. Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Mars are all located over 22.9 degrees, and this means that Saturn never touches them in transit in the Declinations. NEVER. Because Saturn never moves over the 22.9 degrees level in the Declinations. Therefore Saturn can never make an exact transit to any of these four natal planets in the US chart. However, other planets can and when any of the other planets make an exact transit, it is a sign that something good will happen. In fact, during the four months of October 1989 through January 1990, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun all made exact transits to the natal Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Mars of the US chart. Guess what happened in those months?

The US won the Cold War.

It was then that the Berlin Wall was torn down, and the Soviet Union lost all of its eastern European satellites.

The way astrology is designed, good prevails over evil.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the winning of the Cold War were so monumental that there must have been other astrological influences to give us signs that this might happen. There were many such signs and here is another one:

On those crucial days in history, Jupiter completely overpowered Saturn in the sky as Jupiter made a contra-parallel and opposition to Saturn, thus completely nullifying the effects of Saturn to bring to this world the most stunning victory in all of history. Without any bloodshed.

Below is a chart of the planetary alignments on November 4, 1989 when East Germany opened its borders with Czechoslovakia, which was the first breach in the Iron Curtain and led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany and the end of the Cold War.



The blue lines connect the two Jupiter-Saturn aspects that were astrological signs that something of earthshaking proportions was about to occur. We explained in our first book Astrology Really Works! that Jupiter overpowers Saturn in certain types of alignments. That is what happened in these two planetary alignments that helped to end the Cold War.


In 1989, we were given very clear astrological signs that a wise, caring and powerful God designed astrology so that in this world, good will ultimately prevail over evil. This is a wonderful sign. About 2000 years ago, we were given the best sign of all. The message of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God and Savior, was perfectly and clearly given at the time. But unfortunately, we believe this message has been somewhat distorted by 2000 years and by man. In particular, Christ's message of the love and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father has been very much altered. In our opinion, God and Christ are too forgiving to punish us for anything bad that we do. Astrology confirms our belief that they only reward us for the good we do. Therefore, the concepts of Hell and damnation are manmade. Most of us who are parents would forgive our children for anything. Could God be less forgiving than we are? We think not. The idea of punishment and eternal damnation was here long before Christ was born onto us. Everything that Christ did and everything he taught us was, and still is, totally contradictory to the concept of hell and eternal damnation. Although there are some ambiguous references to damnation and punishment in some books of the New Testament, the fact is that there is not one shred of reference in the four Gospels to support those who claim there is a hell. It is the Gospels that really count because they are the books that recount Christ's life and message.

When we look at how astrology works and how it was designed, we see that it can only be this way if God loves us. He loves us too much to condemn us to be punished for an eternity. As we enter the New Millennium and begin a New Age, let all of us finally place the concept of hell and eternal damnation where it belongs, in the trash heap of ancient superstitions that no longer have a place in any of our lives.

So what do we think happens when we die?

We believe that our souls survive death and that we come back to learn what we did not learn the previous time. We either come back here or go to another world God designed for us. This means we believe in reincarnation. The reason that this is a subject of an astrology website is that we believe that astrology has a lot to do with the day we come back to this world. We can only come back on a day that has the planetary aspects that match our souls! In other words, if we were warlike, we can only come when there is an aspect that reflects the warlike nature. If we are peaceful, we can come back when there is an aspect that reflects this peace within our souls.

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