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Prince Edward is the youngest son of Britain's Queen Elizabeth. He married Sophie Rhys-Jones on June 19, 1999 and the wedding is generally regarded worldwide as the wedding of the year. Elsewhere on this website, we have a link that explains how Sophie was in one of her Cinderella Times when she met Prince Edward and also when she married him. That link explains how you can determine if you are in your Cinderella Time, which is the time you meet and marry your own Prince Charming. But in this link we explain the astrology of why Prince Edward fell in love with Sophie. The astrology of the relationship is very interesting and informative because it isn't that often that a prince of Windsor falls in love.

Below is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of Sophie and Prince Edward. The positions of Sophie's planets when she was born are in red, and the positions of the prince's planets when he was born are in black.

[A CAC is a special chart for the analysis of relationships. Such charts were designed by the Magi Society and are briefly explained in the Magi Astrology Lessons on this website. The full details about such charts are in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money.]



In the above CAC, we have highlighted the important linkages with green lines. The most exact linkage in the longitudes is a Chiron Linkage. Sophie's Chiron is conjunct prince Edward's Mars and these two planets are almost exactly in the same degree of Pisces. This makes that Chiron Linkage the Dominant Linkage.

The Chiron-Mars linkage is not the only Chiron Linkage that Sophie's Chiron makes. They also have another very powerful Chiron Linkage. Sophie's Chiron forms a 120-degree type Magical angle to Prince Edward's Neptune. This combination of two Chiron Linkages creates what we call a ROMANTIC SUPER LINKAGE (fully explained in our third book). Romantic Super Linkages are the most reliable astrological indication that love will develop between two people and that the love will result in marriage.

[For those of you who have read our third book: a Romantic Super Linkage is always dominant over any single linkage because Romantic Super Linkages are formed by more than just one linkage.]







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