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Planetary Geometry is the


After the most comprehensive research into the astrology of relationships, the Magi Society discovered that the astrological key to love, compatibility and sex is based on what we call Planetary Geometry. Planetary Geometry simply refers to the lines and shape of the figures that are created when you draw connecting lines between the positions of the planets when someone was born. Below are three examples of Planetary Geometry.

Such lines and figures act like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and every person has a unique personal Planetary Geometry, which is created at the time of the individual's birth. Our personal Planetary Geometry acts sort of like the way jigsaw pieces do; it either fits with someone else's Planetary Geometry or it does not. If they fit well, there is attraction and the fit helps to give rise to love and emotional attachment, as well as the greatest sexual fulfillment. This is what we mean by fit:

If you take one person's Planetary Geometry, and OVERLAY it on top of someone else's, then if there are certain types of SYMMETRICAL PATTERNS, it means that those two people are very compatible. Below is an example of two persons' Planetary Geometry that TOGETHER can form a symmetrical pattern.

And, of course, below is the symmetrical shape that is created when the above two patterns of Planetary Geometry are overlaid on each other.


When we overlay one person's Planetary Geometry on top of someone else's, and create such a shape, we create what we call LINKAGES. In the above example, each side of the triangle is a Linkage, and each Linkage is an indication of attraction, harmony and compatibility. When the Planetary Geometry of two persons forms a symmetrical pattern like the one above, a lifelong relationship is likely. Below are examples of other types of symmetrical patterns that are just as good as the triangle.



Not only does each shape have a meaning, the actual composition of the planets that creates the shape also has meaning. For example, is the shape formed by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto as opposed to Mercury, Saturn and the Sun? By taking such factors into consideration, we can actually know:


Some types of Linkages are called Cinderella Linkages because they are indications that a person will marry a very wealthy person, or even royalty. There are also Sexual Linkages that foretell that the two linked persons will have a fabulous sex life together. Some Linkages are Romantic Super Linkages, meaning the two persons could get married. Most couples who get married have such linkages; and those who do not usually do not get married. For example, Bill Clinton and Monica have a Sexual Linkage, but no Romantic Super Linkage. Think how valuable this information can be in your own life.

Most of this is new knowledge. Our latest book explains it in detail and uses over 100 examples of celebrity couples so that you can fully understand it all.

The book also proves astrology works. If you would like to read a great book on the astrology of love, sex and compatibility, this new book is the best one available. It was just published on March 25, 1999 and is entitled-MAGI ASTROLOGY: THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN LOVE AND MONEY. Written by the Magi Society, the book is available in bookstores worldwide.

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