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May 9, 2003


Last Sunday, May 4, would have been Laci Peterson's 28th birthday.  Tragically, she never got to celebrate it.  She disappeared on Christmas Eve last year when she was about eight months pregnant.  On April 13, the unborn fetus she was carrying was found in Bay Shore, and her own body was discovered a day later when it washed ashore a couple of miles away.


Her husband, Scott Peterson, was arrested on April 18 for Laci's murder.  At the Magi Society, we think he is 1000% guilty but that is up to a jury to decide.


In our opinion, Scott is utterly disgusting even if he were not guilty.  Scott claims he went fishing on Christmas Eve.  Just think about it - Laci is pregnant and it is Christmas Eve, and Scott goes fishing.  What kind of jerk is this guy even if his story is true?  It's Christmas Eve for crying out loud.  On Christmas Eve, Scott should have been with his pregnant wife!


Obviously, Laci married the wrong guy. One sure reason is that we know for a fact that while Laci was pregnant with Scott's baby, Scott had an affair with a woman named Amber Frey and he pretended to be single, and tried to get serious with her. 


Could anything have saved Laci Peterson? 




We think that Magi Astrology could have saved Laci Peterson's life.  If Laci had mastered the principles of Magi Astrology, she would have known Scott was definitely not her Prince Charming.  This is because on the day that two persons marry, the stars give reliable signs as to whether the marriage will work or not.  At the Magi Society, we have discovered that if a person is planning to marry on a day when there are Heartbreak Transits, the marriage should be called off.


Tragically, Laci and Scott planned to marry on a day when she was having a Heartbreak Transit.  She should have called it off.  The Heartbreak Transit is an extraordinarily reliable sign that Scott was the wrong person and her marriage would end in heartbreak, or even worse.


Laci married Scott Peterson on August 9, 1997.  Below is a CAC showing Laci's birth chart, and the Heartbreak Transit she was having on that day.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Laci was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the sky when she married Scott.






In the above chart, you can see that transiting Saturn-Chiron midpoint is at 23.9 degrees in Capricorn, and the Saturn-Chiron midpoint is making a Turbulent Angle to both Chiron and Venus. On Laci's wedding day, the Saturn-Chiron midpoint was making a Turbulent Transit to her natal Chiron and to her natal Venus.  This created TWO Heartbreak Transits! 



The Saturn-Chiron Midpoint Can Make Heartbreak Transits!


We have explained in our third book and on this website that the combination of Saturn and Chiron is the stars' way of giving us the Heartbreak sign.  For example, the Saturn-Chiron Clash is the Heartbreak Clash.  Additionally, we have explained that the Saturn-Chiron midpoint also represents heartbreak.  Therefore the transiting Saturn-Chiron midpoint represents the Heartbreak Transit. If someone is getting married, there is a Heartbreak Transit if:


A: Transiting Saturn is making a Turbulent Angle to natal Chiron, or Venus or Neptune, or


B: Transiting Saturn-Chiron midpoint is making a Turbulent Angle to natal Chiron, or Venus or Neptune.


(The reason the Heartbreak Transit can occur when the transit is made TO Chiron, or Venus or Neptune is that these three planets are the three Romance Planets.  The most important Romance Planet is of course Chiron because it represents marriage, pregnancy and children.)


Laci Peterson was born with a sextile of Chiron and Venus.  This natal aspect formed by two Romance Planets is her most crucial aspect in any matter related to love, marriage and spouses.  When Laci married Scott, she was having TWO Heartbreak Transits.


But it is worse than that.  On her wedding day, Laci was having a SUPER Heartbreak Transit.  In Magi Astrology, a Super Transit is a transit that occurs to BOTH planets of a natal aspect, whereas a normal Transit involves only a single planet.  Laci was born with a natal aspect of Venus and Chiron. Any transit that occurs to both her natal Venus and her natal Chiron is a Super Transit.  A Super Transit is about four times as powerful as the combined power of just two separate transits.


Magi Astrology would have saved Laci's life if she mastered Magi Astrology and heeded.


No matter which newspapers and magazines we look at, as we examine the headlines, the principles of Magi Astrology are proven over and over.  Through Magi Astrology, you can attain an understanding of the headlines that cannot otherwise be attained.  More importantly, Magi Astrology provides each of us with a viable basis to help us improve our lives.  These are some of the reasons the Magi Astrology Revolution is the most powerful movement in astrology today, perhaps ever, and why the Magi Society has been the fastest growing astrological society for the last few years.  The best way to learn Magi Astrology is to join the Magi Society.  Members receive free software that can be downloaded anywhere around the world and can read special lessons posted on our Members Only Website.  If you would like to learn more about the Magi Society, and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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