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September 22, 2005 (Revised October 13, 2005)


When Sir Laurence Olivier married Vivien Leigh on August 31, 1940 they immediately became super hot material for the tabloids in both the US and UK. 


For good reason.


They were both superstars when they married.  Vivien Leigh was the female lead in Gone With The Wind and won the Oscar for Best Actress; Sir Laurence Olivier was the star of Wuthering Heights.


He was the quintessential debonair leading man and she was the radiant and sultry leading lady.


Folklore would have you believing their marriage was an example of true love and loyalty.  Legend has it that Olivier took loving care of Vivien for over a decade while she was terribly sick.  Tragically, the truth is their marriage was Heartbreak beginning five years after they married and to the very end.  The marriage of Olivier and Leigh was heartbreaking in every way and their marriage was destroyed by infidelity, turmoil, illness, torment and torturous unhappiness.


About 5 years after they married, Leigh was diagnosed with tuberculosis that greatly reduced her strength and stamina. Later, she was also diagnosed as manic-depressive and she had numerous electro-shock treatments. Combine that with Leigh’s regular bouts of hysteria, and fits of rage, and you understand that living with Leigh was an immense challenge for Olivier.


Folklore is correct when it tells us that Olivier did take very good care of Vivien when it came to her health and physical well-being because he would always be around and somehow pick up the pieces after Vivien suffered her many mental meltdowns.




In 1949, Leigh began an affair with actor Peter Finch as her lover. As if that was not bad enough, Leigh had a vindictive streak and in an effort to embarrass Olivier in public, she would hold hands with Finch at parties. 


The infidelity was not one-sided.  Olivier admits in his autobiography that he too had his share of indiscretions.


By 1957 Olivier had fallen in love and started a torrid affair with actress Joan Plowright.  Soon thereafter Leigh had another affair and apparently fell in love with actor Jack Merivale.


Olivier and Leigh divorced in 1960. 


The divorce was final on December 2, 1960 and Olivier quickly married Plowright just a few months later on March 17, 1961.  Olivier was married to Plowright the rest of his life and they had three children.


Leigh never married Merivale but he was her constant companion until her death on July 7, 1967. 


When Olivier heard about Leigh's death, even though he was stricken with prostate cancer, he checked himself out of the hospital to spend time with her dead body before the mortuary came to pick up her body.


All these facts about their relationship would be very puzzling to most people – did they love each other or not? 


Olivier obviously did love Vivien but also did not want to stay married to her.   Only Magi Astrology can explain the astrological reasons for such a relationship.


By using Magi Astrology you will be able to understand why, despite their initial love for one another, Olivier and Leigh were in love and yet were unfaithful to each other.







In our third book, the Magi Society revealed that Chiron is ruler of true love and Chiron Linkages are signs of true love.


The Magi Society is proud of the fact that we were also the first to discover that Juno is ruler of the mistress and infidelity.   We revealed this to our members in October of 2000 on our Members Only Website.


When two persons form Chiron Linkages, they can fall in love; when two persons form Juno Linkages, they can fall in lust.  When two person form both Chiron Linkage and Juno Linkages, they can fall in love and in lust – but Juno Linkages are the most reliable astrological signs of infidelity so the two persons can also be unfaithful.


Below is the CAC of Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh – that black planets represent the positions of the planets when Olivier was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Vivien was born.



(In the above CAC, we have included for the first time in a CAC on this website the three other major asteroids: Ceres, Pallas and Vesta as well as Juno.  We will have a lot to say about the astrology of asteroids in upcoming links on this website.)


The best Chiron Linkages are Cinderella Linkage.  Every Cinderella Linkage is also a Chiron Linkage. Cinderella Linkages are the most reliable astrological signs of possible true love.  You can easily see from the above CAC that Olivier and Leigh formed lots of Chiron Linkages (Cinderella Linkages) so they could fall in love – and they did.


You can also see that they formed a lot of Juno Linkages.


According to the principles of Magi Astrology, Juno Linkages are astrological signs of both enormous sexual attraction and also probable infidelity.  (The only exception to this rule is that the Chiron-Juno Linkage is not a sign of infidelity.)


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