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The Magi Society's perspective on the coming of the Millennium:


For a very long time, a great many persons have been warning that terrible disasters are about to hit this world. These proclaimers of impending doom include many astrologers, nearly all the followers of Nostradamus, a lot of evangelicals who take the Apocalypse literally, and countless self -proclaimed prophets and psychics. In fact, so many people have made these doom and gloom predictions that it is impossible for an informed person to have not heard any of them.

If that isn't bad enough, almost all these doomsayers believe that there is nothing that humankind can do to prevent the predicted disasters. They seem to subconsciously believe that some unknown force preset a tragic end to this world.

Here at the Magi Society, we are often asked: What do we think?

Our view is completely contrary to those held by the pessimists. We do not see any evidence that there are time bombs preset to go off in this world. Quite the contrary! It looks to us like the world has a Protector and the Protector has intervened to save us from self-destruction. In fact, for the first time ever, humankind is right at the doorway that would lead to an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity-and humanitarianism. But we have yet to walk through the doorway. If we do so, we will truly enter into a New Age.

These beliefs of ours are based on both Magi Astrology and our observations of the trend of what has actually been happening in this world. Clearly this trend is UP. Let us look at the facts and the facts are that:

Something earthshaking occurred during the last two decades that never ever happened before. During the last 20 years, the world has been totally transformed. For the first time ever, there are no monarchs or despots who are powerful enough to force their own will on most of the world. This has never before been the case.

From the very beginning of man, until the recent end of the Cold War, the lives of everyone in the world were primarily influenced by megalomaniacs who were either born into power, or seized power through force. This last decade has been the only decade when democracies and elected officials have had nearly unrivaled control of the world's fate. From this perspective, the trend of this world is obviously UP. A New Age appears to be right around the corner.

Amazingly, ASTROLOGY ACCURATELY PREDICTED THIS NEW AGE! Astrology makes predictions based on celestial signs and the celestial sign of this New Age was the discovery of Chiron in 1977.


We are now in the Age of Chiron!


For about two hundred years, astrologers have known that the discovery of a new "planet" marked the beginning of a new era. The first planet to be discovered was Uranus in 1781, which was the year that the Thirteen Colonies won their independence. Our third book details how the discovery of every planet has clearly been a sign of a watershed change in the history of man. Only four new "planets" have ever been discovered: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. In each case, the discovery turned out to be a celestial sign of earthshaking proportions and delineated a distinct era in the history of the world.

The most recent "planet" to be discovered is Chiron in 1977, so this means that we are presently in the Age of Chiron. This Age of Chiron was preceded by the Age of Pluto because Pluto was the planet that was discovered just before Chiron. Pluto's discovery occurred in 1930 and the years between 1930 and 1977 comprised the Plutonian Era. It was during those years that humankind experienced its worst times.

During the Plutonian era, humankind was subjected to the Great Depression, World War II, the Holocaust, and the Cold War along with the daily risk and fear of worldwide nuclear annihilation. The Plutonian era was the most dangerous time in the entire history of humankind. During all of those six horrible decades, hundreds of millions of innocent and brave people were being summarily executed or sent to war by dictators. During the Plutonian era, the lives of every person on Earth were ultimately all influenced by just a few tyrants who had seized power by force. These maniacs included Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao. Even some of the elected leaders of the democracies acted like despots. Nixon is an example. Until the discovery of Chiron, no nation ever seized by a Communist revolution ever regained its freedom and became a democracy.

But since the beginning of the Chiron Age, almost a billion people have been reborn under various forms of democracy, and a New World order is in the process of being built. Although we have a very long way to go in this regard, we have had an amazingly auspicious start towards a New Age. The Magi Society hopes and believes that humankind will successfully complete the move to the New Age.

So when someone says to you that the world as we know it is about to come to an end, or that we are about to be tortured by disaster after disaster, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. The facts are different and the trend of the world is unmistakably up. There is a Protector in this world, Whom most people refer to as God. The Magi Society thinks that both recent history and the facts make it obvious that God has intervened. He has saved us from the brink of self-annihilation and brought us to the doorway that leads to the New Age. The discovery of Chiron is the celestial sign of that intervention. Now we need to prove ourselves worthy. When we do, we enter the New Age.

Join us and help humanity to walk through the doorway into the Age of Chiron, peace, tolerance, understanding and humanitarianism.

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