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December 13, 2003


Magi Astrology helps you to understand all the headlines.  This is true for all kinds of news, whether the subject is the stock market, celebrity love relationships, sports, global events, etc.  Whether it is a Cinderella story or a Heartbreak story, you will understand the astrological reasons for the headlines when you look at the headlines through the eyes of Magi Astrology.  Better still, you can utilize Magi Astrology to help you to take advantage of the stars and your Cinderella Times so that you have your best shot at becoming your own Cinderella story and make your own headlines.


Below are five headlines and how Magi Astrology can easily explain them:

Liza Minnelli’s Heartbreak Marriage to David Gest


Hollywood produces a lot of movies and even more heartbreaks.  But the biggest Heartbreak Marriage of the past several years is that of Liza Minnelli and David Gest.  Many other Hollywood stars have had heartbreak marriages lately.  But Liza’s marriage to David Gest is the most heartbreaking – because they are suing each other for millions.  She says he embezzled money from her; he says she physically abused him.  Divorces do not get any worse.  For that matter, marriages do not get any worse than the one between Minnelli and Gest – it barely lasted a year and ended in a flurry of mud slinging and lawsuits.  The Minnelli/Gest marriage was obviously heartbreaking and Magi Astrology explains why.  They were married during a Heartbreak Clash.


Below is the Minnelli/Gest Marriage Chart – it has a Heartbreak Clash and other problems.






Minnelli and Gest married on a day with five Saturn aspects.  In the above Magi Astrology Chart, we drew red lines pointing to each of the five Saturn Aspects.  FIVE Saturn aspects are much too many for a Marriage Chart.  As explained in our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money, it is good for a person to be born with ANY aspect, even Saturn Aspects, BUT it is not good to get married on a day with a slew of Saturn Aspects.  In the chart of a marriage, each and every Saturn Aspect is a sign of a problem area in the marriage.  For example, in the case of the Minnelli/Gest marriage, the Saturn/Mars aspect is a sign of problems (Saturn) with sex and aggression (Mars).  The Saturn/Mercury aspect is a sign of problems with communication (Mercury).  The Saturn/Chiron aspect is the Heartbreak Aspect and indicates problems with the marriage (Chiron) itself.  But the Saturn/Neptune is not any better.  It points to a problem with the health (Neptune) and longevity (Neptune) of the marriage itself – on page 339 of our third book, it says:


“Both the enhancement and the turbulent angles of the Saturn-Neptune aspect are highly restrictive of the development of love and long-term relationships.  Obviously, this is not an aspect you would want in your Wedding Chart….”


Poor Liza!  She is rumored to go to psychics and astrologers.  She should have gone to a Magi Astrologer – or learned Magi Astrology from our website.  Then she would have known she should have gotten married on a better astrological day and she could have avoided heartbreak.



Lance Armstrong Has a Cinderella Marriage Chart For Financial Matters


Liza was married on a Heartbreak Day. Lance Armstrong was married on a Money Day.  It shows – he won the Tour de France each of the last five years and makes millions in endorsements each year.


Lance Armstrong married Kristin Richard on May 8, 1997.  Two years later, he won his first Tour de France, the world’s most prestigious bicycling event.  In the US, it is not that big a deal to win that event, but in Europe, winning the Tour de France is more highly regarded than pitching 3 shutouts to win the World Series.  Only one other person has won the Tour de France five times.  Lance goes for his sixth win in 2004.


Lance is a fierce competitor and is remarkably disciplined and this had a lot to do with his victories.  But in our eyes, he owes quite a bit of his success to the astrological strength of his Marriage Chart.  Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of his marriage.



On the day Lance Armstrong married Kristin Richard, three of the four Financial Planets were each making aspects to each other.  As shown by the purple lines, Chiron, Neptune and Venus were all making aspects to each other.  This type of alignment is called Planetary Synchronization and this concept was first introduced in our first book, and discussed in each of our other books. Two planets are “synchronized” when they are in aspect to each other (which means they are in the same degree of any of the twelve signs).  When three or more planets are “synchronized” (in the same degree – or within orb of the same degree - of any of the twelve signs as is the case with Venus, Chiron and Neptune in the above chart) they all work together. Such an alignment is sort of like a Super Charged Aspect formed by at least three planets.


In Magi Astrology, we can interpret the meaning of a Planetary Synchronization by simply adding and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that comprise the synchronization. In the case of the Armstrong Marriage Chart, the Planetary Synchronization of Chiron, Venus and Neptune would mean a Cinderella (Chiron plus Venus equals Cinderella) through ENDURANCE.  (Neptune rules endurance in Magi Astrology and you need extraordinary endurance to win the Tour de France, an event that lasts about a month.) 



AOL TIME WARNER Loses More Money Than Any Other Corporation


When AOL merged with Time Warner, the talk on Wall Street was that the combined company would quickly become the most profitable media giant in the world.  Instead, the merger of AOL and Time Warner has cost the jobs of all the top executives who organized the merger.  And earlier this year, the merged companies reported a loss of over $1 BILLION in just three months (for a quarter of a year) – it was the biggest quarterly loss ever for any company anywhere in the world.


The stock of AOL Time Warner reflected the problems the company had.  The stock price fell from over 70 to just about 10 before recovering a little.


The AOL Time Warner merger is now widely used as an example of what not to do – it is a famous financial Heartbreak story on Wall Street.


Just as Magi Astrology can explain the astrology of Cinderella stories, Magi Astrology can also explain the astrology of Heartbreak stories.


To understand the astrological reasons for the AOL Time Warner Heartbreak, we must begin by knowing what date to use as the birth chart of AOL Time Warner.  The birth chart of AOL Time Warner is that of January 10, 2000. On that day, the management of AOL and Time Warner signed their agreement to merge (more precisely, it is the day Time Warner agreed to be bought by AOL and AOL agreed to buy Time Warner).  After the signing of the Merger Agreement, they immediately held a news conference to announce the merger. It was a very bad astrological day.


The Magi Astrology Chart below is the birth chart of AOL Time Warner.





AOL merged (bought) with Time Warner on a day when Saturn made three Turbulent Clashes.  Saturn was quincunx to Pluto, and Saturn was quincunx to Chiron and Saturn was quincunx to Venus.  As explained in our third book and all over this website, the Saturn/Chiron Clash is the Heartbreak Clash.  We have already given many examples of marriages that resulted in Heartbreak because there was a Heartbreak Clash when the marriage vows were exchanged.  A merger of two companies is very similar to a marriage of two persons.  When two companies merge on a day with a Heartbreak Clash, the merger is likely to result in heartbreak.  This certainly has been the case with AOL Time Warner.


The Heartbreak Clash was not the only bad aspect on the merger day.  Besides the Saturn/Chiron Heartbreak Clash, the merger agreement between AOL and Time Warner was signed on a day when there was a Saturn/Pluto Clash and a Saturn/Venus Clash.  Since Pluto and Venus are Financial Planets, and so is Chiron, it means the AOL Time Warner merger agreement was signed when there were three Financial Heartbreak Clashes (a Financial Heartbreak Clash occurs when Saturn makes a Turbulent Angle to any Financial Planet – in this case there are three of them).  Each Financial Heartbreak Clash is a reliable astrological sign of Financial Heartbreak, and the likelihood of losing money.  AOL Time Warner was born with three Financial Heartbreak Clashes and set a record for losing money. (Please read on because as explained below, Magi Astrology interprets alignments like the ones in this chart not as separate aspects, but in a more unified way.  Magi Astrology interprets such alignments as a Planetary Synchronization.)


If you understand Magi Astrology, you surely would also notice that on the date of the AOL Time Warner merger, there was also a triple conjunction of Chiron, Pluto and Venus, and this alignment formed two Cinderella Aspects (Chiron conjunct Venus and Chiron conjunct Pluto).  Therefore, you would wonder why these “Cinderella Aspects” did not work.  Here is why:


In Magi Astrology, an alignment of more than two planets is interpreted as a whole and not in separate pairings. In this case, the alignment is formed by the Planetary Synchronization of Saturn, Pluto, Chiron and Venus TOGETHER and you can only understand the effect of this four-planet alignment by interpreting the alignment as a four-planet alignment; you cannot interpret the alignment by trying to interpret each aspect separately. 


In the case of the AOL Time Warner merger, the Synchronization of Saturn, Pluto, Chiron and Venus means Heartbreak (Saturn and Chiron) in business (Pluto) and making money (Venus). Which is just about as bad as it gets for a merger of two companies.  Since the day the CEOs of the two companies signed the Merger Agreement, the stockholders of AOL and Time Warner lost about $200 billion in stock value.  Both Chairmen (Gerald Levin and Steve Case) lost their jobs.  Ted Turner (who had sold his Turner Broadcasting Company to Time Warner for Time Warner stock and was the company’s largest shareholder) lost so much money on his Time Warner stock holdings that he claims he is now broke.  He was so wealthy a few years earlier that he pledged to donate a billion dollars to the United Nations.  (Wonder what happened to that pledge.)



Florida Marlins Beat Yankees To Win World Series


The underdog Florida Marlins defeated the Yankees to win the World Series.  The Marlins’ star Josh Beckett pitched a complete game shutout on October 25 to become the youngest pitcher to win the final game of a World Series and became a Cinderella.  By using Magi Astrology, you can easily understand why Josh Beckett became THE Cinderella of baseball this year.


The astrological secret of Cinderella is Chiron – when you have Cinderella Transits, you can become a Cinderella.  Naturally, Josh Beckett had super Cinderella Transits.


Below is a CAC showing Beckett’s birth chart showing his Cinderella Transits the day he pitched a shutout against the Yankees to win the World Series.




In the above CAC, it is easy to see that transiting Jupiter was trine to Beckett’s natal Chiron and that was a Cinderella Transit.  Obviously that helped Beckett a lot.  But as great as that Cinderella Transit was, it was not enough to help Beckett become THE YOUNGEST pitcher to have won the decisive game of a World Series.  There had to be much more Cinderella Magic.


And there was.


Josh Beckett had more than a Cinderella Transit; he had a Cinderella SUPER TRANSIT. 


As everyone familiar with astrology knows, a transit is made by ONE transiting planet to a natal planet. But that is normally not that big a deal because there are almost always several transits at one time.  What is usually much more significant is a Super Transit.  A Super Transit is a transit made by at least two transiting planets that are in aspect to each other. In Beckett’s case, transiting Jupiter and transiting Chiron were aligned to make a Cinderella Aspect – that Cinderella Aspect was making a Super Transit to Beckett’s natal Chiron.  Thus Beckett was blessed with a CINDERELLA SUPER TRANSIT. Now that is really special – it happens maybe a couple of times in an average lifetime and when it does, you have to make the most of it.


(For those of you who are members of the Magi Society, a Super Transit is the same concept as a Focus Transit that has been explained in our “members only manuals.”)


If you are a sports buff, consider this question: do you think that the transiting Uranus/Mercury midpoint conjoining Beckett’s natal Venus was very helpful for Beckett?  In Magi Astrology, Uranus rules balance and spatial perception – the transiting Uranus/Mercury midpoint would then logically have an influence on athletic ability and especially eye-hand coordination, and would help a baseball pitcher throw a baseball more accurately.  A transit of Uranus/Mercury to Venus may mean making money (Venus) from eye-hand coordination.  Even better, since Venus rules “victory in war” (as explained in our third book), this transit could mean winning ball games by pitching with precision.  



Johnson & Johnson’s Drug-Coated Stents Encounter Problems and So Does the Stock


In the spring of this year, the FDA gave formal approval for Johnson & Johnson to market its Cypher Stents. A stent is a metal device that keeps blood vessels open after angioplasty is performed.  The Cypher stent was supposed to work better than other stents because of a special drug used to coat the metal stent; the drug is supposed to help prevent the blood vessel from becoming blocked again.  Drug coated stents were designed to reduce the risk of heart attacks among patients who received these special stents. However, in just six months after the Cypher stent was approved, there were enough NEW problems with the Cypher stents that the FDA actually sent two warning letters to doctors about possible serious side effects associated with the newly marketed Cypher stents. Johnson & Johnson’s Cypher stents were associated with about 300 deaths – not the sort of news that helps the price of the stock.


Before Johnson & Johnson gained FDA approval to market their Cypher Stents, Wall Street analysts generally expected that JNJ stock would perform fabulously once the company could sell the stents.  But the opposite has happened. Since the FDA granted JNJ approval to sell the Cypher Stents, JNJ stock has fallen 10%, whereas the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen by 25%.


Why was Wall Street wrong?


Frankly, in our opinion, Wall Street is usually wrong.  One reason Wall Street is so often wrong is it ignores the stars.  They should have looked at the stars instead of the JNJ sales promotions.  The FDA gave JNJ approval to market their Cypher Stents on April 24, 2003.  On that day, JNJ made its first sales of the Cypher Stents and doctors made the first commercial implants of the Cypher Stents.  So to speak, April 24, 2003 was the birth date of the Cypher Stents as a commercial product.  The Planetary Geometry of that day determines the success or failure of the product.  Below is the Magi Astrology Chart of the day. 





The above chart is the birth chart for Johnson & Johnson’s Cypher Stents. 


Not much of a chart.  No Cinderella Aspects.  No aspects made by Financial Planets.  This chart turns out to have been a sign from the stars that JNJ stock was not a good buy.


A message to Wall Street: The answers are always in the stars – we just have to learn how to read them.


Here are some interesting questions for those of you who are stock market buffs:


·      Wyeth (WYE) is JNJ’s partner in the Cypher Stents (it makes the drug used to coat the stents); should the CAC between WYE and JNJ foretell that the stents would not be a blockbuster success?


·      JNJ’s biggest competitor in the stent market is Boston Scientific (BSX), the company that invented stents in the first place.  BSX is expected to soon gain FDA approval for its own version of drug coated stents; do the incorporation charts and the CAC between these two competitors foretell who will win the battle of drug coated stents?


·      It takes years to attain FDA approval for a new drug.  Do the stars of the day a company first files for approval have an influence on what ultimately happens to the application?  If so, Magi Astrologers could make some very accurate predictions on what will happen to these applications.


Such questions are the type of questions that we will hope to answer in the Magi Society’s upcoming Financial Astrology Chat Site, at





The Magi Society wishes all of you a blessedly Merry Christmas.


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