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January 1, 2003


On our website, we have repeatedly explained that according to the principles of Magi Astrology, a woman is most likely to meet and/or marry her Prince Charming when she is having Cinderella Transits.  Knowing your Cinderella Time is remarkably useful information.


In recent times, one of the biggest Cinderella stories has been that of Heather Mills who married Sir Paul McCartney. We have received tons of emails asking us to write about Mills and McCartney, but we have not been able to do so until now because we finally have Heather Mills' birth date, which has not been made public.


However, we have now obtained a copy of the April 3, 2000 issue of People Magazine, that informs us that Heather Mills was born January 29, 1968. 


[We were informed about the People Magazine information with the help of a regular visitor to our website, and we have given that person a copy of our basic software as a thank you.  The Magi Society always offers software and similar gifts to anyone who helps us to obtain rare birth data so if you have any such information and pass it on to us, we would reward you in like manner.]


People Magazine is full of other great information about the famous couple.  According to People Magazine, Paul McCartney “first laid eyes” on Heather Mills in mid-May of 1999 (“a year and a month after Linda’s death” on April 17, 1998) when he saw her onstage at an awards ceremony - she was a presenter.  Paul and Heather did not meet at the time but observers noticed that Paul seemed smitten by Heather. 


People Magazine went on to inform us that “Sometime over the next few weeks” Paul called Heather’s charity to offer to donate $240,000.  We can safely assume that Paul and Heather actually met shortly thereafter.  This means Paul and Heather most likely met sometime in June of 1999 and quickly became close.


Our deduction that Paul and Heather met in June and started a romance quickly is given credence by the fact that in July, Heather broke off her engagement to Chris Terrill, just two weeks before they had planned to marry.  Makes sense - how could Chris Terrill (who is he?) compete with Sir Paul McCartney? 


We know that Heather and Paul became very much involved during the course of the ensuing months because by January of 2000, Heather was introduced to some of Paul’s children, and because Paul and Heather vacationed together at a resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The hotel manager is quoted as saying that they “hardly emerged from their room ….(and) ordered a lot of room service.”





All through her life, Heather Mills met with heartbreak - until she met Paul McCartney.  According to what Heather told People Magazine, her childhood was sad with a father who beat her mother and terrified Heather and her two siblings; her mother ran away from home when Heather was 9 and her father was imprisoned for fraud when Heather was 13.  Things got so bad that for a brief time, Heather was a teenager living in the streets.  At 18, Heather met Alfie Karmal, a British computer-company executive, and married him. She left him in just two years and tried to pursue a career as a model; like many struggling models starting out, Heather resorted to some nude photos for publicity.  Heather did not get far before her modeling career was ended by a freak accident that claimed her leg.  Undaunted and determined to succeed, Heather started a charity (that she did not officially register for an extended time probably as a result of a lack of funds) that was based on providing prosthetic limbs to the needy. In her personal life, Heather had a rather erratic love life as she already had two broken engagements even before she broke off with Chris Terrill.  But Heather never gave up.


Then along came Sir Paul McCartney.


Paul and Heather were married on June 11, 2002.  By marrying Sir Paul McCartney, Heather became one of the most famous Cinderellas of recent times.  


How did Heather Mills become such a famous Cinderella?  The answers are always in the stars and Magi Astrology helps you to read the stars.


According to Magi Astrology, a woman will most likely meet and/or marry her Prince Charming when she is having Cinderella Transits.  Heather Mills is a perfect example of this - she became a famous Cinderella because she made the most of her Cinderella Transits! 


In June of 1999, Heather was having a Cinderella Transit when she met Paul McCartney.  Heather also had a Cinderella Transit when she married Paul McCartney.


Perhaps just as important, Heather was having a whole string of Cinderella Transits during the months immediately following the time that Paul first announced to the world that he and Heather were "an item."  In other words Heather was having Cinderella Transits when the press was most heavily scrutinizing her.  Those Cinderella Transits were crucial for Heather because they protected her from being eaten alive by the tabloids.  Even though the tabloids quickly discovered that Heather had posed nude, had broken three prior wedding engagements, and had failed to register her charity with the appropriate authorities; the press gave her a pass.  We believe this is because she was having Cinderella Transits and such transits help to weather any storm of controversy because people will view any person in the most favorable light during the person's Cinderella Transits.


Below is a CAC of Heather Mills showing her Cinderella Transits on March 15, 2000, the day when Paul McCartney announced to the world that the two of them were "an item."  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Heather was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets in the sky when Paul publicly announced that Heather was his lover.




On March 15, 2000, Paul McCartney had fallen in love deeply enough, and he thought that his romance with Heather had progressed enough, to tell the world that the two of them were "an item."  He also allowed the press to take some photographs of the two of them together, one of which was on the cover of People Magazine a week later.


All of a sudden, an obscure Heather Mills became known worldwide as Paul McCartney's new and serious love. She was having three Cinderella Transits at the time.  Transiting Chiron was parallel her natal Sun and Neptune, while at the same time transiting Chiron was contra-parallel her natal Pluto.


"Paul finds love again" People Magazine heralded on its cover; it is amazing what Cinderella Transits can do.


Heather also had Cinderella Transits when she first met Paul and also when she married him.  For the first time on this website, the CAC also includes two planets inside blue squares; they represent the positions of two key transiting planets at other times.  The Chiron inside the blue square represents transiting Chiron when Heather met Paul, and the Venus inside the blue square represents transiting Venus when Heather married McCartney.  In both cases, the transiting planets in blue boxes created Cinderella Transits. Transiting Chiron (in the blue box) was conjunct her natal Neptune when she first met Paul.  Transiting Venus (in the blue box) was trine to her natal Chiron when she married Paul.





Astrology is a Benevolent Design of a Benevolent Providence.  God designed astrology so that life would produce Cinderellas and we would all have the hope that we could become Cinderella.  Life would be horribly discouraging if the world had no Cinderella stories and the hope of achieving our dreams was taken away from us.


At one or more points in all of our lives, life can appear intolerably bleak and hopeless.  During those times, we must never give up - Heather Mills never gave up, even after losing a leg.  There is always hope in part because God designed astrology so that the planets always keep moving and as they move, they make Magical Transits that bring new opportunities into our lives - but we must recognize the opportunities and make the most of them.  In a short span of time, when we have Cinderella Transits, everything in our lives can dramatically improve and we can become Cinderella.

That is what happened to Heather. It can happen to each of us.  But in order for any of us to become Cinderella, we have to always keep trying.  Heather had a terrible childhood and at least four failed love relationships - she even lost one of her legs.  But she persevered and persevered and then -- a series of God-inspired Cinderella Transits turned her into a Mega Cinderella.


We cannot all become Mega Cinderellas, and there are only a few men like Paul McCartney.  But all of us will have the opportunity to become a Cinderella in our lives - and find our own Prince Charmings or Princess Charmings. However, in order to become Cinderella, we must keep trying, we have to keep the faith and we have to keep working hard to achieve our dreams.  Then all of a sudden, usually in unexpected ways, the power that God placed in the stars can pull us all the way to our dreams.


In the upcoming New Year we hope all of you will always hold onto and work towards your dreams, and attain them.


Happy New Year from the Magi Society!


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