July 8, 2008


In our books and on this website, we have given you many examples of how Magi Astrology can help us to truly understand any relationship.  For example, Magi Astrology helps us to know:


·         If two persons can fall in love

·         If two lovers would stay in love, or

·         If two lovers will fall out of love


That is great.  But Magi Astrology can do much more. The best part of Magi Astrology is it can help us control our destiny, such as getting married on a perfect astrological day or finding a better job and making more money. 


Magi Astrology can even help us to know when we have to be extra careful so that we do not end up having a broken heart because our loved one had an affair.  This article will teach us the basics of how to do this.






When a person is in love and has to endure infidelity, it can be just about unbearable.  But Magi Astrology can help us to avoid having to go through such disasters.


With the help of Magi Astrology, we can know if infidelity is in the stars and take measures to prevent cheating from actually destroying the relationship we have with the one we love.


Magi Astrology can do this because it helps us know:


·         IF our loved one is susceptible to being unfaithful


·         WHO our loved one might want to have an affair with and


·         WHEN our loved one is most likely to have an affair


By knowing all this, we do not have to stand by and watch it all happen.  Instead we can be masters of our own destiny and use Magi Astrology to prevent it from ever happening at all.


The affair of Madonna and A-Rod is a perfect example of what we are talking about.





New York Yankee star Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid baseball player in history and is commonly known a A-Rod.


We do not have to tell you about Madonna but you may not know that until now, she has not been rumored to have cheated on her husband, Guy Ritchie.  In fact, as sexual as Madonna is, she was never even rumored to have cheated on her first husband, Sean Penn.


According to the American national tabloids (US Weekly and People Magazine), this is how it all happened.


Madonna and A-Rod first met sometime last year, but they did not become lovers then.  They probably wanted to but the timing was not right.   However, they did talk regularly.  And last October, the two were seen at the same health club working out.  Observers said it was obvious they were not having an affair. They were talking about each other’s careers.  One person at the club said she overheard Madonna suggest to A-Rod that he should meet her agent.


Well, last November, A-Rod dropped his long-time sports agent and signed up with Madonna’s agent, Guy Oseary. 


Nonetheless, there were no indications that they were getting too close to each other, yet. The stars were still not aligned for an affair.


Then bingo –


US Weekly magazine reported the two started “hooking up” after Rodriguez attended her April 30 concert in New York.

So April 30, 2008 is the key date to remember in this famous affair.

In fact, since then, A-Rod has been seen numerous times entering Madonna’s Manhattan apartment late at night. Even thought this had been going on for a couple of months, the press only got wind of it last week when one of her doormen tipped off a tabloid.

All hell broke loose.  You should have seen some of the New York papers’ headlines.  Here is a sampling:


Did Madonna Play Ball With A-Rod’s Million-Dollar Bat?


Did Madonna and A-Rod Get Together to Whack the Ball Out of the Park?


Our personal favorite is:


Did Madonna Improve A-Rod’s Stroke?  (He has not been hitting the ball that well in Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are in fourth place.)


You get the picture.


Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie, was in London early last week when he read the headlines and immediately flew to New York.  Reportedly, Madonna kicked him out of her apartment (she owns it alone in her name) and he had to stay a couple of nights at the Mandarin Hotel. 


During the last two months, A-Rod’s marriage has been openly reported to be on the rocks. What marriage wouldn’t under the circumstances?  Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, had to stay up nights waiting for A-Rod to come home. A-Rod did not come home even though she had just given birth to her second child on April 21. 


In the last week of June, A-Rod’s wife finally decided their marriage was not worth holding onto.

A-Rod agreed. On July 3, A-Rod and his wife jointly announced they were officially splitting.


The Material Girl Madonna never wants to get blamed for anything so that night, Madonna and Guy very publicly went out to dinner together.


Cynthia Rodriguez officially filed for divorce on July 7 claiming multiple occasions of infidelity


Madonna and A-Rod are denying any affair.


But we all know better. 


We know because we use Magi Astrology.  With Magi Astrology, we know all there is to know about love, sex and infidelity. Lies do not deceive us.


By mastering the principle of Magi Astrology, you can answer crucial infidelity questions of IF, WHO and WHEN but most important, you can use Magi Astrology to stop infidelity, at least most of the time.


Let’s learn more about all this.  First, let’s see how we can use Magi Astrology principles to understand the stars of the Madonna A-Rod affair.


Right away, it is easy to see that Madonna and A-Rod had the astrological makings for an affair.



Madonna and A-Rod Were Super Attracted to Each Other


Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we know Madonna and A-Rod were very sexually attracted to each other.  Here is how we know this:


They had tons of Juno Linkages.


According to Magi Astrology, Juno is the ruler of sexual attraction, infidelity and affairs that do not lead to marriage.  Juno is also rule of affairs that break up marriages.


This means that every Juno Linkage is a sign of sexual attraction and every Juno linkage increases the likelihood of intimacy.  The more Juno Linkages you have with any person, the more likely it is you will have sex with that person.


Madonna and A-Rod have tons of Juno Linkages.  They have more Juno Linkages than any other type of linkage.  Below are their CACs in both the geocentric and heliocentric dimensions of the sky.  The chart on the left is their geocentric CAC and the one on the right is their heliocentric CAC.  To enlarge either chart, simply click on the chart.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Madonna was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when A-Rod was born.


Geocentric And Heliocentric CAC of Madonna and Alex Rodriguez (click to enlarge on new page):




Madonna and A-Rod form six highly sexual Juno Linkages; four in their geocentric CAC and two in their Heliocentric CAC.  Three of these Juno Linkages are Super Sexual because Juno and a Sexual Planet (Venus, Mars or Pluto) form them.


In this case, perhaps what is more important about Juno is that Juno is ruler of infidelity and cheating.  Madonna and A-Rod are both married.  We have found that two married persons do not have affairs unless they have lots of Juno Linkages.


So now we understand the astrology of why Madonna and A-Rod were susceptible to having an affair.  The next question is WHEN would they most likely have their affair?





Some beautiful persons stay true their whole lives and they never cheat.  And some beautiful people cheat a lot.  But whenever married persons cheat, it is with someone with whom they have Juno Linkages.


There are times when two persons married to others will know each other for years and years before they have an affair.  And there are times when they practically tear each other’s clothes off the first chance they get.  Timing is everything and Magi Astrology is the expert on timing.  Magi Astrology can tell us when infidelity will most likely occur. 


Here is the Magi Astrology rule that tells us when two persons are most likely to have an affair:



Two persons will most likely cheat when they have JUNO TRANSITS.



Juno is ruler of the sex drive and the willingness to cheat.  We can use Magi Astrology to help us know when anyone’s sex drive is at a peak.  We just have to look for Juno Transits.


Both Madonna and A-Rod were having multiple Juno Transits the week of April 30 when they began their affair.


Below are their CACs showing their transits on April 30, the day according to US Weekly Magazine A-Rod attended her concert and began hooking up with Madonna.  The transiting planets are shown in red (which is always the case in the CACs we show on this website).


Madonna’s And A-Rod's Transits When They Began the Affair (click to enlarge on new page):




On April 30 when Madonna began her affair with A-Rod, she was having three Juno Transits.


·         Transiting Venus was trine her natal Juno

·         Transiting Pluto was trine her natal Juno

·         Transiting Juno was trine her natal Juno 


This meant that transiting Venus, Pluto and Juno formed a double Grand Trine to her natal Juno, which would create a nearly irresistible urge for sex.


Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie, was in London and she was in New York. 


A-Rod was available and more than willing. 


Transiting Juno was trine to his Chiron.  Transiting Saturn was forming a Grand Trine to his Chiron and taken together with transiting Juno, it means transiting Juno and Saturn were forming a Grand Trine to A-Rod’s natal Chiron.  This very rare alignment is an INFIDELITY SUPER TRANSIT.  Saturn makes us do things we should not, and the Saturn-Juno combination makes us have sex with those we should not.


In addition, on April 30, Madonna was having a Marital Breakup Transit (Chiron was opposing her Sun) and A-Rod was having a Reckless Transit (Saturn parallel Pluto). When Chiron opposes our Sun, we do not take our marriage as seriously because Chiron rules marriage.  When Saturn makes any aspect to Pluto, Saturn impedes our judgement and can make us reckless because Pluto is symbolic of the willingness to take risks. 


As if all of this was not enough to push Madonna and A-Rod into having an affair, Madonna’s husband was having a Heartbreak Transit on April 30.  In fact, as we show in the CAC below, Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie, was having the Ultimate Heartbreak Transit (click to enlarge on new page).




The reason Guy Ritchie’s Heartbreak Transit was so bad is because transiting Saturn was stationary and making a Turbulent Aspect to his natal Chiron.  As most astrologers already know, a stationary transit is more powerful than any other kind because the transit lasts much longer.


You might say that Guy Ritchie had no chance. 


But that is not really the case.  The most exciting part of Magi Astrology is that it is so accurate that you can use it to help you in millions of ways, including preventing a loved one from having an affair. 





Most of the time, when someone cheats, one of the excuses is “I did not plan it.  It just happened.”  But of course often, the seduction and affair are meticulously planned.


Either way, you can use Magi Astrology to control what happens to you.


You can achieve this first by learning that no transit lasts forever and every transit goes away – usually fairly quickly.  This is a crucial lesson because it means that our bad transits will always go away.  ALWAYS. The bad transits may come back, and we will have some other bad transits, but every bad transit goes away.



This means that we must never let a bad transit get the better of us.

Do not do stupid things when we are having bad transits.




While we have bad transits, we need to be extra careful and TAKE NO ANY CHANCES WHATSOEVER because when we have horrible transits, everything bad that can happen will happen.


To illustrate our point, please click here and read an article we posted about Kate Middleton’s Heartbreak.


Kate Middleton was having the Ultimate Heartbreak Transit but the transit passed and when it did, she and Prince William got back together. 


While Kate was having her Heartbreak Transit, she was very wise.  When Prince William told her he wanted his freedom, she did not go crazy and she did not do anything she would regret.  Instead, she told Prince William that she loved him and would always love him and only him.  And if he ever wanted her back, she would immediately be there for him.  When Kate’s transits got better, he came back to her.


We can learn from this.  When we are having horrible transits, we must not do anything we will regret, like telling Prince William he is a bastard and you never want to see him again.


Guy Ritchie could also learn from this.  For months before Madonna began her affair with A-Rod, he and Madonna were seen screaming at each other in restaurants and other public places.  If Guy had mastered Magi Astrology, he would have known his marriage was in danger and could have been extra nice to Madonna so that Madonna would be less likely to cheat.


Most importantly, if Guy had mastered Magi Astrology, he would have been in New York with Madonna in April, May and June.  He would have also known A-Rod was a threat and he could have dealt with that problem accordingly.  For example, he could have invited A-Rod and Cynthia to all have dinner together and maybe team up with Cynthia for a common goal.


With knowledge of Magi Astrology, Guy would have understood how necessary it was to be especially nice to Madonna while he was having the Heartbreak Transit.


With knowledge of Magi Astrology, Guy would have understood how important it was to not let Madonna be alone the week before and after April 30.  When that week passed, the stars would no longer be urging Madonna and A-Rod to have an affair. 


Knowledge is power and Magi Astrology provides more knowledge than any other astrology.  If you master Magi Astrology, you have a chance of controlling your own life.  If you do not know Magi Astrology, you are just a victim of the stars.






If you are depressed or nothing seems to be going right, it means you are having bad transits or bad progressions. Please do not despair.  Keep working hard and do not do anything you would regret.  Sooner or later, the bad stars go away and good stars come back.


Magi Astrology is a message of hope!  You can utilize Magi Astrology to help you prevent disasters in business and in love.  Even better, Magi Astrology helps you to improve your life and fulfill your dreams





Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. Even better, Magi Astrology helps you fulfill your dreams, find true love and make more money.  This all may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.





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