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May 5, 2002


Almost anyone past the age of 21 has made the mistake of thinking they were in Love when they were just in Lust. 


It is not so tough on us if we make this mistake once or twice when we are young.  But if we keep making this mistake, we are subjecting ourselves to unnecessary gut-wrenching trauma.  It is crucial in life to learn how to distinguish lust from Love. 


To suffer heartbreak when you are in love - well, it is sad but you have to give true love a chance and if you lose, at least you tried.  But to suffer heartbreak when you only think you were in love - well, that's just being foolish because the heartbreak was not necessary.  (And you end up thinking "How stupid can I get?  How could I think I was ever in love with this jerk?) But you can protect yourself from such "heartbreaks" by knowing ahead of time when love is love, and when lust appears to be love.  In other words, you save yourself a lot of pain when you know the difference between love and lust.


This link is written to help you learn how to distinguish lust from love.


So how do you distinguish lust from love?


Good friends, REALLY good friends, can help you distinguish lust from love.


Good parents can help you distinguish lust from love.


Magi Astrology can help you to distinguish the difference between love and lust.


Of these three, only Magi Astrology helps you make the distinction privately, and all by yourself.


There is another overwhelming advantage Magi Astrology has over your best friends and parents - Magi Astrology has no bias and no ax to grind.  Sometimes, even your best friends and parents are biased and you cannot rely on their judgement.  On the other hand, Magi Astrology gives you an unbiased and reliable opinion any time you want or need it. 




Magi Astrology provides you with unbiased and reliable rules to help you tell the difference between lust and love.  According to Magi Astrology, you can tell the difference by checking for Romantic Super Linkages and Sexual Linkages. When a couple forms at least one Romantic Super Linkage, it is the most reliable astrological sign they could fall in love.  When a couple form Sexual Linkages, it is the most reliable astrological sign they could fall in lust. 


More importantly, Magi Astrology teaches us that it is nearly impossible for two persons to fall in love unless they form at least one Romantic Super Linkage.  This means that unless you form a Romantic Super Linkage with someone, it is almost impossible to actually be in true love with that person, and vice versa.


A Romantic Super Linkage is a Linkage formed by three planets, one of which must be Chiron (and only one of which is Chiron, for example, Chiron and Venus and Mars or Chiron and Pluto and Neptune or Chiron and any two other planets). There are two ways to form a Romantic Super Linkage:


First way: one person has a Chiron aspect and the other person has a planet that links to Chiron.


Second way: one person has an aspect and the other person's Chiron links to one of the planets that forms the aspect.


(In both of the above ways to form a Romantic Super Linkage, an aspect is any 30-degree type aspect.)


A Sexual Linkage is a Linkage formed by two Sexual Planets.  There are three Sexual Planets and they are Mars, Pluto and again Venus.


Obviously, a Sexual Linkage creates sexual attraction and a Romantic Super Linkage creates emotional attachments and bonds. That's easy and there's nothing confusing about that.


But here is where the confusion comes in.




There is also another type of linkage which we call Romance Linkages. A Romance Linkage is a linkage formed by two Romance Planets.


There are three Romance Planets and they are Venus, Neptune and Chiron. Venus is both a Romance Planet and a Sexual Planet.  For this reason, any Linkage made between Venus and Neptune or Chiron is a Romance Linkage but there is also a touch of spice in the romantic broth because of the sexual nature of Venus.


By the same token, any linkage made by Venus to either Mars or Pluto is a Sexual Linkage but there is a touch of romance in the sexy brew that is created by such Linkages.


You can therefore see that Sexual Linkages that include Venus can be confusing and can make people think they are in love because Venus has a romantic side to her.


We can also be confused into thinking we are in love if we form Romance Linkages that do not include Chiron. Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate, Venus points only to desire. The Venus-Neptune linkage is a Romance Linkage, but it does not include Chiron, therefore it creates romantic interest, but it is not a sign of love. Two persons that form the Venus-Neptune linkage are very often initially confused into thinking they are in love. But unless they also have a Romantic Super Linkage, they usually end up breaking up.


Now let's apply these rules of Magi Astrology to the most publicized recent heartbreak among super famous couples:





For about a year, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were an item - they were a very hot item. There were rumors they were living together - true.  There were rumors they would marry - not so true.


Early this year, their romance began to fall apart and the tabloids began to run over each other trying to get the scoop.  Finally US Magazine scooped them all and published that Justin had broken it off.


Britney's publicist denied it for a month.  But then:


About a month ago, Britney Spears announced that she is a "single girl."  She also has written notes (that were found by a reporter) saying "my heart is broken."


We feel sad for Britney because we know how traumatic any heartbreak is.


In an earlier link in this Celebrity Lovers Section of this website, we provided you with the CAC that Justin and Britney form.  As we noted in our comments in that link, they had no Romance Linkages but they had very strong Sexual Linkages.  


We also wrote:


"Britney and Justin do not have a lot of Linkages and the strongest ones they have are sexual in nature. When their Mickey Mouse show was cancelled in 1994, they were both twelve and not really interested in sex so they went their separate ways (and did not keep in touch with each other since they had no real attachment to each other because they did not have Romance Linkages). But when their paths crossed again six years later, they were in their late teens and everyone knows how important sex is to someone that age.  By that time, (their) Sexual Linkages have become more than just important."


(The words in parentheses were added for clarification.)


The Sexual Linkages they formed included ones made with Venus which adds a tiny amount of romance and makes some people confuse Lust with Love. Britney and Justin were also confused into thinking they were in love because they formed a Venus-Neptune Romance Linkage (Justin's Venus is parallel Britney's Neptune).


The thing that hurts most in any breakup is if you think you lost THE ONE that you were meant to be with. But when you understand that this is not the case, you will overcome the heartbreak much more easily.  Here is the good news and our message for Britney:


Hey Britney, it was just lust - Justin is not the one you were meant to be with - when you realize it you should be able to get over him quickly and go on to find THE ONE you are really looking for.


And that is another advantage of Magi Astrology - when you know it was only lust, and realize that the ONE you are looking for is still out there, you actually DO get over it more quickly and more easily.


So the next question is probably: What if you have both Sexual Linkages and Romantic Super Linkages?


The answer is simple: You are in a Lovers Heaven -- or are you?


We talk about that in the next link.



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