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When the rudiments of astrology were formulated over 4000 years ago, astrologers only knew about seven "planets." These seven "planets" were:


They were the ones that humankind could actually see with the naked eye. For thousands of years, astrologers had to struggle in their attempts to improve their knowledge because they did not know about all of the planets. Since every planet ruled different parts of our lives, until we were able to learn about all of the planets, astrologers were in the dark about many areas of life.

It wasn't until 1781 that Uranus was finally discovered. Neptune's discovery followed in 1847. Pluto is the last planet to be discovered in 1930. With the discovery of each new planet, astrologers were able to make quantum leaps in our abilities. However, even after the discovery of these three new planets, astrologers were still struggling whenever we had to make predictions on matters of love and marriage. This was due to the fact that astrology still had not yet discovered the "planet" that governed the soulmate, the spouse, children born in marriage, marriage itself and lifelong love.

The missing "planet" was Chiron.

On November 1, 1977, Chiron was discovered. Chiron is a comet-like asteroid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Neptune. Although Chiron is not a planet like Mars and Venus, Chiron has the most profound astrological influences and therefore, Chiron is an "astrological planet." The Sun and Moon are not real planets either, yet in astrology they are and have always been regarded as "astrological planets."

Chiron has monumental importance for astrology because it is the "planet" that rules marriage, spouses, soulmates, and children born in marriage as well as karmic ties.

In 1998, the Magi Society concluded the most extensive research into the astrology of personal relationships. The research resulted in conclusive evidence that Chiron is the most important "astrological planet" when it comes to matters of love. Because of this long awaited discovery, astrologers can now finally do what it never could do before. For the first time ever, astrologers can actually accurately answer questions about love such as:

Whom will you marry?
When will you marry?
When will you have children?
Will your marriage be happy or will it end in heartbreak?
Did you marry the one you should have married?

Chiron is also very important in matters of money. With Chiron, astrologers can also finally answer questions such as:

When will I have my Golden Time?
Which company is the best one for me to work for?
When is the right time for me to start a business?
Who is the right partner for me?

By including Chiron, astrologers can now answer all such questions accurately. But in order to be able to do so, it was necessary to develop a new technique of analyzing charts. We begin to explain this in our next lesson.

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