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August 7, 2001

Julia was born with Venus and Pluto a little over three degrees apart in the longitudes. This close alignment of two Sexual Planets has played an excessively powerful role in her choice of men. Please look at the Magi Astrology chart below to begin to see what we mean.


In the above chart, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born. We highlighted the fact that two of her Sexual Planets, Venus and Pluto, are closely aligned. Obviously, this means that if a man were born with a Sexual Planet at about 20 degrees of Virgo, or 20 degrees of Capricorn or 20 degrees of Taurus, then that man would make two Sexual Linkages with Julia Roberts.

Guess what? That is exactly what happens with Benjamin Bratt, Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patric.

In the chart above, we drew in three planets in red. These three red planets represent the actual positions of Sexual Planets in the birth charts of three of the men with whom she has had serious relationships: Benjamin Bratt's Venus, Keifer Sutherland's Pluto and Jason Patric's Venus. Each of these three men form two Sexual Linkages with Julia.

Here are the complete CACs of all three men with Julia:

A: Julia and Benjamin Bratt:


In the above CAC, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Benjamin Bratt was born. We used our standard Professional Level Software in creating the above CAC and the software uses four different colors of lines to indicate different types of interaspects. Green lines are used for Linkages that are formed by trines. Red lines are used to show Clashes formed by squares and oppositions. Blue lines represent that the interaspect is formed by a 150-degree angle that we refer to as a quincunx. If one of the planets forming the quincunx is Saturn, then the result is a Clash but if Saturn is not one of the planets forming a quincunx, the result is a linkage.

(Finally, the black lines represent semi-sextiles and they are not generally important.)

In the above CAC, we indicated how Julia and Ben form two Sexual Linkages by connecting green lines. Some of you may be wondering if one person's Venus can make a Sexual Linkage with another person's Venus. The answer is that they do only when three Sexual Planets are all aligned so that they each make MAGIcal Angles to each other. (Which is the case here.) This CLUSTERING type of alignment of the Sexual Planets actually has the equivalent power of more than two individual Sexual Linkages because it creates very powerful Planetary Geometry.

So Ben Bratt and Julia Roberts must have had a marvelous time when they made love.

But unfortunately, Ben and Julia formed quincunxes that are Clashes. They are all formed by Saturn so they are all Clashes. In the longitudes, the two lovers form six Clashes and just three linkages. Two of the Linkages are Sexual Linkages so you know the most likely focus of their relationship.

Although they do have a Cinderella Linkage in the declinations, there is just not enough of them. Cinderella Linkages are necessary to fall in love deeply enough to get married.

(In these links about Julia's men, we will not be drawing in the lines for Linkages formed in the declinations because they are not the focus of what we want to explain. Besides, that would result in there being too many lines in the CAC and would make the CAC confusing.)

B: Julia and Keifer Sutherland:


In the above CAC, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Keifer was born.

Keifer and Julia had an extraordinary number of Sexual Linkages. Besides the two Sexual Linkages in the longitudes, they have a Venus-Mars Sexual Linkage in the declinations.

But they have even more Clashes. In just the longitudes, they have seven Clashes, and Saturn makes three of them. They also have an additional Saturn Clash in the declinations. One of the problems with Saturn Clashes is that they reduce forgiveness in a relationship and they promote a "get even" attitude. That is exactly what happened when Keifer got caught having a fling with a stripper (Amanda Rice) not long before he was supposed to marry Julia. Julia was so outraged she left him and took up with Keifer's friend, Jason Patric.

C: Julia and Jason Patric:


In the above CAC, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Jason Patric was born.

Here again, we see that Julia forms two Sexual Linkages with one of the men she got involved with during the last decade. And once again, there are also lots of Saturn Clashes. But this time, two of the Saturn Clashes are those really tough Nuclear Clashes. These two Nuclear Clashes must have contributed to the fact that this relationship lasted a shorter time than the other two.


The lesson we can learn from these three examples of men in Julia Robert's life is that Sexual Linkages definitely create strong sexual attraction. We should also learn that when a couple has two or more Sexual Linkages, the couple could be easily fooled into thinking they are in love whereas they are really more in lust. Too often, a couple that is bound by sexual attraction will overlook the incompatibility that lies underneath.

But you can use Magi Astrology to help guide you. Saturn Clashes are very reliable signs of incompatibility. It takes Cinderella Linkages to help engender the love needed to overcome such incompatibility. But Julia did not ever have enough Cinderella Linkages with her men. Instead, she seems to have been driven by her hormones.


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