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The Magi Society is the world’s largest association of astrologers with an international membership of over 5000.


(Magi is pronounced may-jigh)


Magi Astrology is new and is the astrology of the Magi Society.  Magi Astrology is advanced, yet simple and is easier to learn and much more accurate than Traditional Astrology.


Magi Astrology utilizes the best astrological techniques of the ancient Hebrew prophets and legendary Chinese astrologers, and combines such knowledge with NEW DISCOVERIES IN ASTROLOGY.


The Magi Society’s New Discoveries in astrology are so helpful that they have greatly improved astrology. Because of these discoveries, Magi Astrology is to astrology what the jet engine has been to airplanes. Traditional Astrology is like a single engine propeller plane, but Magi Astrology is jet propelled and soars to new heights and goes where Traditional Astrology cannot.


If you have had trouble trying to make accurate predictions using Traditional Astrology, it is probably because Traditional Astrology is really no better than hit or miss.


If you have always felt there are truths in astrology, but you have been disappointed by how vague and confusing traditional astrology really is, you will love the precision and accuracy of Magi Astrology.





This website informs you of some of the Magi Society’s discoveries and explains how to utilize them to help you better understand your life and the world.  Magi Astrology can help you to fulfill your dreams.  Before you begin your journey into the magical world of Magi Astrology, we would like to explain that Magi Astrology focuses on the Alignment of the Planets.  Whereas Traditional Astrology concentrates on the positions of the planets in the 12 signs and houses, Magi Astrology focuses on the Planetary Geometry that is made by the planets in the sky, and on exactly how the planets are aligned to each other.  An example of this is illustrated below.  The first chart below is a sample Horoscope chart of the type commonly used in Traditional Astrology.


The chart above is a Horoscope chart for September 1, 1939, 4:45 AM, the exact time Adolf Hitler’s Nazi army invaded Poland and started World War II.  The chart is cast for the exact coordinates of the place at the Polish border where the Nazi’s first crossed into Poland. 


Many Traditional Astrologers have studied this chart (or variations of it) but no Traditional Astrologer has ever satisfactorily explained the astrological reasons why the Nazi attack on Poland was such a successful invasion, and why it marked the beginning of a lengthy and worldwide war. 


In other words, by using Horoscope charts such as the one above, Traditional astrology has been disappointing.


But if we redraw the above Horoscope chart into a Magi Astrology chart for the same moment of time and same location, we will actually see important astrological clues that were very hard to notice in the Traditional Horoscope chart.  Below is a Magi Astrology chart of Hitler’s invasion of Poland:




The above Magi Astrology Horoscope chart was created by the Magi Society’s own special computer program (MagiSoft v. 5) that the Magi Society gives to our members when they join for at least two years. 


If you look at the above Magi Astrology Horoscope chart, you can easily see that THERE WAS A GRAND TRINE when Hitler invaded Poland. 


Mars, Uranus and Neptune formed a Grand Trine.  A Grand Trine is an example of Planetary Geometry.


We believe the main astrological reason why the infamous Nazi invasion was so successful is because the attack began with a Grand Trine, and one of the planets that formed the Grand Trine was Mars, the planet of war. 


Poland was conquered in a matter of hours, not days.


The Magi Society believes that it was the Planetary Geometry of the stars foretold what was to come.  Or as so many have said – The Planets Were ALIGNED.”


We believe that the alignments of the planets are the most important part of astrology.  Of course we know Traditional Astrologers use planetary alignments (aspects) -- but they do not use them enough.  And they rarely use Planetary Geometry made by more than two planets.


If you have tried to apply Traditional Astrology techniques to your own personal life but have been disappointed, perhaps it is partly because you did not take into consideration the Planetary Geometry of the stars. 





The Magi Society has discovered that Planetary Geometry is the key to true love!  Here’s what we mean by this.  Below is another example of Planetary Geometry.  This chart is also a Magi Astrology Chart.





Most of the time, Traditional Astrologers are baffled when they do not have an exact time and place of birth. But Magi Astrology allows us to do wonders even when we do not know the time and place of birth.


In the type of chart above, we do not have to know the exact time and place in order to learn a great deal about the astrology of what is happening.  The above chart has no houses because we have no time or place. But the above chart has Planetary Geometry that tells us a lot. 


In Magi Astrology, in the above chart the triangle that is formed by the blue lines is called a Mystical Triangle and it is one of the most powerful figures of Planetary Geometry that three planets can form. 


A mystical triangle tells us even more than a Grand Trine.


In the above chart, the Mystical Triangle is actually formed not by just one chart but between the natal planets of two persons.  The Black planets belong to Madonna, and the red planet belongs to Sean Penn. 


If you are not completely new to astrology, you know that the black planets are Neptune and Venus.  But some novices may not know that the red planet is Chiron (pronounced keye-ron).  Chiron is an asteroid that has properties of a comet.  But what is really important is that Chiron has enormous astrological influences.





The Magi Society has discovered that Chiron is the “planet” that rules true love, marriage, pregnancy, children and the family.  Chiron also is ruler of emotional attachment and both emotional and romantic fulfillment.


Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate.



Madonna and Sean Penn thought they were in love and one reason is that their planets formed the above Mystical Triangle.  We believe they were actually in love but their marriage ended in Heartbreak because they got married on a Heartbreak Day.


Click here to read how Magi Astrology explains why Madonna fell in love with Sean Penn, Carlos Leone and Guy Ritchie


Click here for another example that proves the importance of planetary geometry





You can learn and understand the details of what we are saying by reading a free MiniBook that you can download from this website.


The Magi Society has written and published three books that have become classics.  They are so valuable that used copies of our second book sell for hundreds of dollars on the Internet.  Our first two books were quite advanced but our third book was written to help the beginner learn the basics of Magi Astrology.  The first seven chapters of our third book are filled with useful information about astrology and teach the basics of Magi Astrology step by step.  We call these first seven chapters the Magi Minibook.


You may download a free PDF copy of the Magi Minibook, containing the first seven chapters of our third book, by clicking here.


To get the most of the hundreds of links on this website, we suggest that you read the Magi Minibook.  But if you are in a hurry, you can still get a lot from our links by simply forging ahead.


If you download our Magi MiniBook and read it, you will understand what we are talking about.  Please click here to download the free PDF Minibook.





There is another red planet in the above chart.  It represents Juno, which is another asteroid.  Although many popular astrologers use Juno and think Juno is somehow related to love, the Magi Society has discovered that Juno is the most sexual astrological body, and has nothing to do with love.  Juno is related to sexual attraction that is mistaken for love.  Juno is related to sexual attraction, sex without emotional attachment and affairs. Juno rules the mistress, children born outside of marriage, super sexuality. 


In the above chart, there is a purple line connecting a black Uranus to a red Juno.  The black Uranus is Madonna’s and the red Juno belongs to Sean Penn.  They had exciting and great sex.


The purple line between Madonna’s Uranus and Sean Penn’s Juno is another example of Planetary Geometry. It is the simplest form of Planetary Geometry and astrologers have used them from the beginning of astrology. But Traditional Astrology does not pay enough attention to them and it has never really come to grasp with the more important Planetary Geometry such as Mystical Triangles.


But Planetary Geometry can open magical doors for astrologers.


The Planetary Geometry of the stars helps you to know what is most likely to happen in your own life. Planetary Geometry is a basic component of Magi Astrology.  It costs nothing to learn Magi Astrology.  You can download our free “MiniBook” that teaches you all of the basics of Magi Astrology.


By mastering the principles of Magi Astrology, you can finally answer questions such as:


  •   If I commit my heart to this person, will I be fulfilled or would I end up heartbroken?

  •   How does this person really view our relationship?  True love or just a fling?

  •   Can the two of us fall in love?

  •   I just met this person – can we have great sex together?  If so – will our union offer more than just sex?

  •   Can we work well together as a team?  Can we make money together?

  •   Are we compatible and if so in what way?  Are we compatible romantically?  Sexually?  Intellectually?  All of the above?  None of the above? Which of the above?

  •   How long will I know this person?  Do we have a mutual destiny together?  If so, what is the nature of that destiny?  Is it just lovers?  Or only friendship?  Is it marriage, then divorce?  Or is it true love forever?



    The Magi Society continually makes new discoveries in astrology and we tell our members about them on our Members Only Websites.  Membership costs just $80 for the first year, and you get our basic Members Only Software as a free benefit of membership.  If you would like information about the Magi Society, our members-only software and other benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.


    We hope you enjoy and benefit from the knowledge and information on our website.



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