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March 16, 2006


The Magi Society was founded in 1625 and we have been studying the stars ever since. 


The Magi Society’s master astrologers have been astrologers to the emperors of China, and some of the wealthiest and most powerful Chinese and Southeast Asians for centuries.


Beginning in 1625, the Magi Society made one discovery after another in Astrology.  The result is that by now, after close to 400 years of discoveries, there are many secrets of Magi Astrology.


We have revealed a few of these secrets in our first three books and our Members Only Websites.


Now we will reveal another secret of Magi Astrology.


In this link, we teach about Dragon Points, which is a secret of Magi Astrology that has not yet been revealed.  If you learn it and utilize it, you will greatly improve your life.





Dragon Points are highly significant in all areas of astrology, such as the astrology of love and the astrology of wealth.  Dragon Points can be created in a number of ways.  Transiting Planets can create Dragon Points.  In synastry, Dragon Points can be created in CACs.  We will ultimately teach you about all the various types of Dragon Points.  But in this link, we will only begin to teach about Dragon Points for the astrology of love and sex.


In matters of love and sex, there are Romantic Dragon Points and there are Sexual Dragon Points.


Romantic Dragon Point will help us find true love.


Sexual Dragon Points are especially powerful in determining to whom we will be most sexually attracted and with whom we can have the very best sex. 


The term “Dragon Points” is derived from the Chinese term that the Magi Society has used for hundreds of years.  Sorry it does not sound astrological enough but Dragon Points is pretty accurate descriptively.


A Dragon Point is created as the result of superbly powerful forms of Planetary Geometry.


As illustrated in the chart below, a Dragon Point is a point in a chart that is created by a particular type of alignment of specific types of planets.





Dragon Points can be formed when an astrological chart has a Sexual Aspect, or Romance Aspect.  A Sexual Aspect is comprised of two Sexual Planets.  A Romance Aspect is comprised of two Romance Planets.  To help us illustrate how a Sexual Aspect forms Dragon Points, please look at the sample chart below:



When it comes to the astrology of love or sex, Dragon Points are the most powerful points on any CAC.


The chart above has a Sexual Aspect of Mars quincunx Juno; Mars and Juno are Sexual Planets.  The Mars Juno quincunx creates four Dragon Points and we have marked the positions of all four Dragon Points in the above chart.


Dragon Points have orbs. In all four above Dragon Points, the orb is from 0.5 degrees less than natal Mars (at 25.9 Libra) to 0.5 degrees greater than natal Juno (at 22.5 Pisces).  Therefore, the actual degree range of the location of each Dragon Point is 22 to 26.4 degrees of the sign the Dragon Point is in.


In the above example, if someone else was born with a natal Sexual Planet (for example Venus) at the Dragon Point that is in Leo (22 to 26.4 degrees of Leo), then the natal Sexual Planet would form a Yod with the natal Mars and Juno.  This Yod would be comprised entirely of Sexual Planets because Venus, Mars and Juno are all Sexual Planets. 


When such a Yod is formed, in Magi Astrology, we say that a Sexual Dragon has been formed – and the Dragon will consume the two persons who form it.  The formation of a Sexual Dragon is a sign of virtually irresistible and insatiable sexual attraction. 


In the above chart, a Sexual Dragon also exists if someone else was born with a natal Sexual Planet at the Dragon Point in Taurus, and the natal Sexual Planet would form a Yod with the Mars and Juno illustrated in the above chart. 


In the above example of a natal chart, if someone else were born with Venus at the Dragon Point in Cancer or Gemini, then Venus would form a Mystical Triangle with the chart’s Mars and Juno.  This too would mean a Sexual Dragon was formed.


To help further explain and understand Dragon Points and illustrate their awesome power, below is the CAC of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora.  The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Heather was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Richie was born.



Richie Sambora forms a Sexual Dragon with Heather Locklear!


Sambora’s natal Mars is located right in the middle of one Dragon Point; Sambora’s natal Mars combines with Locklear’s natal Mars and Juno to form a Yod.  The Yod they form is entirely composed of Sexual Planets. This means the two of them were irresistibly attracted to each other sexually.  That is one of the main reasons they got married. 


Heather Locklear, the gorgeous star of Dallas and Melrose Place could have married pretty much any man. But she chose rocker Richie Sambora, was is the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi, probably mainly because they had fabulous sex.  They had fabulous sex because they form a Sexual Dragon. 


Heather Locklear looks ultra sexual and she is ultra sexual.  We know this because she was born with Juno quincunx Mars and that is a Super Sexual Aspect.  Sex is more than important to her than most because she was born with a Sexual Aspect – for Heather, it is an absolute requirement that she has great sex with a man before she would even remotely consider marrying him. 


Before Heather married Richie Sambora, she was married to Tommy Lee, who was another rocker. (Tommy Lee married Pamela Anderson of Bay Watch after Heather divorced him.)


Heather and Tommy also formed a Sexual Dragon.  Below is their CAC. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Heather was born; the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Tommy Lee was born.



Once again, sexy Heather Locklear married a man with whom she formed a Sexual Dragon.


Heather Locklear could have married just about any man.  She is a super sexual woman and both men she chose to marry were men who formed Sexual Dragons with her – they both fulfilled her nearly insatiable need for sex.


Having sex with someone with whom you form a Sexual Dragon is like nothing you have ever experienced. It is both mind blowing and mind boggling.  But there is a downside. The downside is that you think you are in love, even when you are not in love because the sex is so fabulous you don't care if you are not really in love.  That was the problem with Heather and Tommy, and that was also the problem with Heather and Richie. 


Heather Locklear married Sambora on December 17, 1994 but she recently filed for divorce.  The tabloids give reasons for the breakup but the real problem is that they formed more Juno Linkages than they formed Chiron Linkages and that eventually almost always takes its toll and results in a breakup. 


That was also the case with Heather and Tommy.  They divorce and they also formed more Juno Linkages than they formed Chiron Linkages


Once again, the Magi Society’s rule about Juno Linkages has been confirmed.  The rule is that Chiron rules true love and Juno rules sex and the mistress and if a couple has more Juno Linkages than Chiron Linkages, then their relationship is likely to ultimately crash and burn.


So if you are looking for true love, beware of people with whom you form more Juno Linkages than Chiron Linkages; and also beware of Sexual Dragons.


But if you want to just have fun - well then, now you finally know what you are really looking for, astrologically speaking.  If you are just looking for fun, go looking for someone with whom you form the Sexual Dragon.  Because if you meet someone who forms a Sexual Dragon with you, and the two of you are each other’s type, then you will have the sexual time of your life.


The Magi Society always used Planetary Geometry but no one had astrology software that would allow us to utilize Planetary Geometry – so we had to develop our own.  We give free software to everyone who joins us – if you would like information about the Magi Society, our software, other benefits of membership and how to join, please click here and send us an email.



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