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February 13, 2005



On February 1, 2004, the New England Patriots football team won their second Super Bowl in three years.  Many believe the game was the most exciting Super Bowl ever played.  The Patriot quarterback, Tom Brady, played well enough to lead his team to victory in the final minute of play.  Brady also became the youngest quarterback to ever win two Super Bowl MVP awards (Most Valuable Player award).


About a year later, on February 6, 2005, Tom Brady did it again.  He led his team to a third Super Bowl championship and Brady became the youngest quarterback to ever win three Super Bowls.  And he is only 27 years young.  Many sportswriters are now saying that Brady is the best quarterback ever.


But Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round in 2000, which means in the year he was drafted, very few of the NFL scouts thought he would become a star, let alone a superstar.  More than 150 college football players were chosen ahead of Tom Brady, meaning that the NFL’s professional talent experts thought that over 150 other college players that year were better than Brady. Obviously, the experts were wrong about Brady because he has clearly emerged as the single best player of his crop.


Football experts can sometimes be right and they are sometimes wrong – but Magi Astrology can help them to be more accurate.  A Magi Astrologer can help football experts predict athletic abilities much more successfully than they have in the past.  Tom Brady is a perfect example of this.


According to the principles of Magi Astrology revealed in our three books, the athletic potential of any person is related to the Planetary Geometry formed on the day the person was born.  In other words, the astrological chart of any person provides us with the best clues as to whether or not the person could become an extraordinary athlete.  Certain types of Planetary Geometry are signs that a person has the potential to become a great athlete.  Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977 and he was born with perfect Planetary Geometry for an athlete.  Below is a Magi Astrology Chart for Tom Brady.



If you look closely at the above chart, you can discern that the chart has three distinct right-angle triangles. The three right-angle triangles are formed by:


1.        Neptune, Mars and Sun

2.        Uranus, Mercury and Chiron

3.        Neptune, Pluto and Mars


Together, these three triangles form an amazingly rare and powerful shape that is an example of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry and all the planets involved are synchronized and form Planetary Synchronization.  Planetary Synchronization occurs when at least three planets are aligned so that they are all located at about the same degree of any of the twelve signs.  In Brady’s natal chart, each of the three right angle alignments are examples of Planetary Synchronization. 


The concept of Planetary Synchronization is a Magi concept and was introduced in our first book, Astrology Really Works!, where we also explained that almost all great athletes were born on days with Planetary Synchronization and:


1) the tighter the synchronization of planets, the better the athlete; and

2) the more planets that are in synch, the better the athlete.


Brady has seven planets synchronized and his tightest three-planet synchronization is Mars, Sun and Pluto that are synched within a very tight half a degree.  These extraordinary Planetary Synchronizations are the reasons why Brady is the best quarterback in football history.


Tom Brady is a perfect example of how accurate Magi Astrology can be in predicting athletic ability from simply analyzing natal charts.  The principles of Magi Astrology were first published in 1995 in our first book, Astrology Really Works!  The book contains so much astrological knowledge not available in any other book that it quickly became a classic and used copies now sell for about $100. The Magi Society has reacquired the publishing rights to the book from our original publisher but we have decided to not republish the book because it would be unfair to those who bought it at $100 if we flooded the market with new copies.  We will however teach the Magi Astrology principles revealed in the book on this website, and to our members through our Members Only Website.


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