February 21, 2007


Lisa Nowak was born May 10, 1963.


What are the astrological reasons for uncontrollable jealousy?


This article will tell us some of the answers.





Astronaut Lisa Nowak always wanted to accomplish something great and have her picture on the cover of People Magazine.


Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s picture has just made the cover of People Magazine.  But not for the reasons she always dreamed of.


On February 5, Lisa Nowak was arrested by police in Orlando Florida and charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder.


The whole story may never be completely known to the public but here is what most likely happened:


Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein are American astronauts stationed in Houston, Texas.  The two began having an affair.  Lisa was married with three children while William Oefelein was a divorced father of two.   Nowak was getting serious and she even separated from her husband, but Oefelein was not serious.  Instead, he broke off their romance while getting involved with another woman, Colleen Shipman, an Air Force Captain who was based 900 miles away at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 


Nowak regarded Shipman as her rival for Oefelein’s love and made the absurd conclusion that if Shipman was not in the picture, Oefelein would come back to Nowak.  Under the spell of this delusion, Lisa Nowak decided to remove Shipman from Oefelein’s life, one way or another.


Nowak decided to personally confront Shipman and, if necessary, take drastic measures to prevent Shipman from ever seeing Oefelein again.  Nowak did some detective work and found out where Shipman would be at a particular time and place.  Nowak then decided to drive and find Shipman.  Nowak packed her car with a steel mallet, a 4-inch knife, a BB gun, trash bags large enough to stuff a body, rubber tubing strong enough to tie up a body, pepper spray, and latex gloves.  She then used a wig to disguise herself and drove non-stop for 900 miles to find Shipman.


When Nowak did confront Shipman, she sprayed her with pepper spray but Shipman was in her car and got away and was able to quickly get to police.  The police was nearby because the confrontation took place in the parking lot of the Orlando Airport, which has tight security.   Orlando police was able to quickly apprehend Nowak.


Lisa Nowak’s mug shot is now all over the Internet and in just about all of the tabloids.





How things have changed. Nowak was at one time a much admired and successful career woman.  Nowak is an Annapolis graduate.  She served ten years in the Navy and was promoted to be one of the youngest Captains in US Navy history (the rank of Captain in the Navy is just one rank below Admiral).  In 1995, she beat out nearly 2500 other candidates and was one of just 20 Americans selected by NASA for that year’s Space Shuttle training program.


She passed the NASA training program admirably and became an astronaut.


Now she faces certain public humiliation and possible jail time.


What happened?  After all, aren’t our astronauts supposed to be made of the Right Stuff?







NASA spokespersons were at a loss when asked why they thought Nowak got driven over the edge to do what she did. 


NASA takes great pride in their astronauts, their selection process and training programs.  NASA believes their astronauts will not crack under pressure of any kind and this is one of the criteria NASA uses to select their astronauts.  Every year, NASA selects about 1 in 100 applicants to enter their Space Shuttle program with a chance to become an astronaut.  Just think about it – only one in a hundred are selected.


NASA insists that their astronauts will be emotionally unflappable and in control under any circumstances. 


For about a decade, Nowak fit that mold.  But in a very short period of time, perhaps as little as a few weeks, Nowak cracked and she cracked so resoundingly it is leaving NASA totally bewildered.


How could this have happened to one of their astronauts?


The answer is always in the stars.


NASA looks at the stars but NASA is baffled.




NASA is baffled because it looks at the stars through telescopes.  You cannot unlock the secrets of the stars by using a lens made from glass.


But Magi Astrologers can read the secrets of the stars because Magi Astrologers see the stars by using the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology.


By using Magi Astrology, we can see that Lisa Nowak was having horrible Turbulent Saturn Transits for weeks leading up to the day she assaulted Colleen Shipman.  These transits deluded her and drove her to do crazy things she would not have otherwise done.





Astrologers have always known that transiting planets have influences on our lives.  But astrologers have disagreed on the details of how to interpret the influence of transiting planets.


One of the biggest disagreements among modern day astrologers is how to interpret transits made by Saturn.  Some astrologers interpret Saturn Transits as being problematic but many modern astrologers claim that Saturn Transits “teach” us lessons.


As explained in our books, this is how the Magi Society views Saturn:


It is important to distinguish between Saturn natal aspects and transits by Saturn. 


We believe all natal aspects, including those made by Saturn, are gifts from God of special talents and abilities. 


But we believe that all Saturn transits are actively restrictive and cause problems.  There are a lot of problems in this world and Saturn transits is one of the main culprits.


The Magi Society does not believe Saturn transits are ever helpful, not even trines and conjunctions – Saturn transits do not teach us, instead they limit our abilities, mislead us, cloud our minds, twist our judgement, and work against our best interests.  Saturn transits impede us from fulfilling our dreams.  If we are not careful during Saturn transits, there are times when Saturn transits can turn our lives upside down.


Lisa Nowak is a perfect example of how Saturn Transits can turn a life into turmoil.


One of the main reasons Lisa Nowak went crazy and ruined her life is she was having five horrible Turbulent Saturn Transits.





Below is a CAC showing Lisa Nowak’s transits the night she attacked Captain Shipman and was arrested. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when astronaut Nowak was born and the red planets represent the positions of the transiting planets on the night of her arrest on February 5, 2007.




Astronaut Nowak was suffering from five horrific Turbulent Saturn Transits the day she assaulted Shipman, the woman who she thought was her rival for the man she wanted. 


·         Transiting Saturn was square Nowak’s natal Sun


·         Transiting Saturn was opposed to Nowak’s natal Saturn


·         Transiting Saturn-Jupiter midpoint was quincunx Nowak’s natal Sun


·         Transiting Saturn was contra-parallel Nowak’s natal Neptune


·         Transiting Saturn was contra-parallel Nowak’s natal Saturn


All five of these Saturn Transits lasted for several weeks. Lisa Nowak was having all five Turbulent Saturn Transits during the weeks immediately leading up to the assault. Each of these Turbulent Saturn Transits twisted her judgement, deluded her, and got her into the worst trouble of her life.


The above five Turbulent Saturn Transits are the main reasons Lisa Nowak ended up committing a crime no one would have imagined her to be capable of.


Her NASA colleagues are mystified that Nowak could ever turn into a screwball no matter what the circumstances.


NASA is mystified even though they look at the stars all the time.


But NASA looks at the stars through a glass lens, and through the prism of science.


If NASA looked at the stars through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, they would understand what happened to Lisa Nowak.  Saturn transits infringe on our free will and give us the impulse to do something we would not normally do, and should not ever do.


Please note that we just used the term “impulse” to describe the influence of Saturn transits -  we chose this word because Saturn transits do not have the power to force us to do anything.  For this reason, we do not have to be afraid of Saturn transits – we are all able to successfully resist the impulses.  But it is easier to resist them when we know we are having Saturn transits.  This is one of the reasons we should all learn Magi Astrology – because Magi Astrology helps us to better overcome Saturn transits and better able to fulfill our dreams.





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