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The following parable goes a long way towards explaining why astrology really does work.

Paul Wattenburg is a worthy man. A loving husband and father, Paul always did his best to help his friends and family. In March of 1986, Paul Wattenberg was happy and had a good job at a computer company. But a month later, his employer filed bankruptcy and Paul lost his job. Paul did not have much money to fall back on because he had been generous to others. He had a lot of trouble finding a new job. After six months, his savings were almost all gone. Paul finally prayed for help and God assigned Paul a Guardian Angel. The Angel helped Paul get a good job at Digital Equipment Corporation, which was then the world's second largest computer company. Paul's small pension fund from his previous employer was moved over to his new employer's pension fund, and he naturally invested the pension in Digital stock.

During the next year, everything was great at Paul's new job and the value of his pension account was rapidly increasing. Then came the stock market crash of October 1987. Digital's stock price took a horrendous beating and Paul's job was at stake. During the immediately ensuing months, Digital laid off tens of thousands of its employees. The Angel worked very hard on helping Paul hold onto his job. But in order to help Paul, the Angel had to help Paul's boss, Paul's co-employees and also the Angel had to help the Digital Equipment Corporation itself. It was an incredible effort on the part of the Angel and the Angel worked around the clock. But Digital was in so much trouble that it ended up laying off a total of 250,000 employees. Paul eventually became one of them. To make matters worse, Paul lost his job just when Digital's stock was at its lowest so Paul's pension account lost most of its value. Paul was now over 50, he was unemployed and he had no pension to speak of.

Paul's Angel then requested and received an audience with God. God asked the Angel "Why did you help Paul get a job at Digital?" The Angel said that he had no idea Digital was going to have so much trouble. And God said, "How could you not know? It was in the stars! Didn't you check? I designed astrology so that Angels can look ahead and find out what the big important trends are going to be. If you do not know such things, how can you help these humans?"

In his own defense, the Angel said "But I worked very hard at helping Digital so they would not have to lay off Paul."

Then God said to the Angel: "How inefficient! You tried to save the whole Digital Company just to help Paul. And in the end, you could not save Digital; there were too many people involved and too many problems. Okay, at this point, you can help Paul by moving him to Austin Texas, and help him get a job at Dell Computer."

That is our parable.


Astrology is a Benevolent Design of God. In order for God to be able to answer prayers successfully and efficiently, and help the worthy, God has to be able to know the future BIG trends in the world. So He created a Benevolent Design in the world with cycles and fluctuating trends and He knows what will happen. He sees the Big Picture. But God also gave us the ability to use the astrology He designed. He formulated the movements of the planets and stars to be signs of these cycles and trends. With sufficient knowledge of astrology, we can share in some of God's knowledge. In the process, we will learn that the world is indeed Benevolently Designed and we will know things that are expected to come to pass.

The study of astrology is the study of His Benevolent Design.

All of the ancient Hebrew Prophets knew this. One of them, Daniel, used astrology to predict the coming of Christ. Legend also tells us that three Wise Men (the Magi) followed a star to find the baby Jesus. Magi Astrology is completely consistent with Judeo-Christian beliefs and traditions.

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