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Why Do Stock Markets Turn?

Why Do Commodity Prices Change Directions?


(Part One)


December 10 2011


Why do stock markets turn and why do commodity prices change directions?


The answer is always in the stars and with the discovery of Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets, we know much more of the astrological reasons why financial markets change directions!


Magi Astrology has always known that stock and commodity prices turn and change direction on days with extraordinarily good or bad Planetary Geometry.


The Magi Society has revealed several times that stock and commodity markets are most likely to make highs when the planets make the following types of magical Planetary Geometry:


  • Symmetrical Patterns formed by at least four planets
  • Grand Trines
  • Conjoined Trines
  • Triple Conjunctions
  • Triple Parallels


The above five alignments are Golden Alignments.


As the planets are moving towards the formation of any Golden Alignment, the planets pull stock prices higher, like adding helium air to a balloon.


When planets disperse and move away from being in Golden Alignment, stock prices move lower, like letting air out of a balloon.


One reason the planets have these types of influences is that planetary alignments create UNIVERSAL MOOD SWINGS.  The alignment of planets control how optimistic or pessimistic we are.  We all know there are days when almost everyone is in a good mood, and then there are those days when almost everyone is in a touchy mood.  It comes to reason that when almost everyone is in a good mood, they are more willing to buy stocks, and therefore the stock market will go up.  Then there are those days when almost everyone is pessimistic and are worried so they sell stocks and therefore the stock market will go down.


When the planets form any Golden Alignment, they create ASTROEUPHORIA - people become euphoric and want to buy stocks because they are optimistic about the future. 


During the days that precede a Golden Alignment, most people become more and more optimistic and euphoric, they buy stocks and push stock prices higher and higher.


For example, the all time high in the S & P 500 was made on Oct. 10, 2007 when there was a super Golden Alignment of seven planets all helping to form a symmetrical pattern. 


But it is very hard to see the symmetrical pattern without Magi Society software because the Golden Alignment was made in the Zodiac7.  (Please click here to understand what a Zodiac7 chartwheel is.) Below is a Magi Astrology chart showing that there was a Zodiac7 seven-planet symmetrical pattern on that day when stock prices made an all time high.




Above is a screenshot of the Magi Society's AstroGeometry program showing the seven-planet Zodiac7 symmetrical pattern on Oct. 10, 2007, the day the S & P 500 made its all time high.


(If you are new to our website and do not understand what a Zodiac7 chart is, please click here and read about it.)


The following three Magi Astrology Principles of symmetrical patterns help us to assess how much power any symmetrical pattern has:


  • The more planets that form the symmetrical pattern, the more powerful the symmetrical pattern.


  • The more exact the symmetrical pattern is, the more powerful the symmetrical pattern.


  • The more powerful the planets that form the symmetrical pattern, the more power the symmetrical pattern will have. Jupiter and Saturn are the most powerful pair of planets in a symmetrical pattern.


When the stock market made its all time high on October 10, 2007, there was a Zodiac7 symmetrical alignment formed by seven planets.  A symmetric pattern formed so many planets is very rare.  This makes the above symmetrical pattern extraordinarily powerful, which is one of the reasons that the S & P 500 made its all time high that day.


Whenever Jupiter and Saturn are two of the planets that form a symmetrical pattern, the pattern is so extraordinarily powerful that it can be historic.  We revealed this in our second book: The Magi Society Ephemeris Plus Secrets of Magi Astrology.  As explained in that book, whenever Jupiter and Saturn combine to be part of a symmetrical pattern, their symbolism is "unlimited."


Jupiter, Chiron, Venus, Sedna, Ceres, Saturn and Quaoar were the seven planets that made the symmetrical alignment illustrated above.  Quaoar is a Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planet - Chiron and Venus are classic Financial Planets.  Ceres is the little godfather of business, so it is a minor financial planet.  The more financial planets there are in a symmetrical pattern, the more influence the pattern has on financial events, such as a high in stock markets.


Guess what?


Quaoar is also a financial planet.


By including the Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets, we now better understand the astrological reasons for the vast majority of tops in stock and commodity prices.








UB313 is the original name given to a Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planet discovered in January 2005; it was later named Xena and is now called Eris.


We like the name UB313 better and we will use the name "UB313/Eris" to refer to this Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planet.


Quaoar is also a Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planet. 


Both Quaoar and UB313/Eris are very far from the Sun and their orbits are in the hundreds of years. This means they move very slowly.


Quaoar and UB313/Eris have been making a trine to each other for about a decade and when other planets "align with" this Quoaor - U313/Eris trine to form a symmetrical pattern with them, these patterns are important for stock prices.  (Please read on for examples of this.)


After the crash of 2008, stock markets all around the world made their post-2008 highs on a day when UB313/Eris made a triple conjunction with Jupiter and Mars and all three planets were trine to Quaoar.


Below is a Magi Astrology chart showing this extraordinary Planetary Geometry formed on that day:









On May 2, 2011 when stocks made an important high, there were four Golden Alignments: Three Conjoined Trines and a Triple Conjunction.  The three conjoined trines are:


  1. UB313/Eris conjunct Jupiter both trine Quaoar
  2. UB313/Eris conjunct Mars both trine Quaoar
  3. Mars conjunct Jupiter both trine Quaoar


And of course the triple conjunction was UB313/Eris conjunct Jupiter conjunct Mars.


With the advantage of Magi Astrology, you can see all of these Golden Alignments because Magi Astrology includes UB313/Eris and Quaoar which are both Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets and Financial Planets.


But any astrologer who did not include UB313/Eris and Quaoar would not have seen any Golden Alignments and would not have understood why stocks made a high on May 2, 2011.


It is useful to see a stock chart to know just how important the May 2, 2011 high was. Below is a stock chart showing the S & P 500 since 2009 (it is created by the Magi Society's AstroFibonacci Financial Astrology Research Program):






You can see in the above chart that May 2, 2011 was an important high for stocks.  After that date, the stock market did a zigzag and then fell precipitously, making a low on Oct. 4, 2011.  But then stocks made a "recovery high" on October 27, 2011.


The principles of Magi Astrology would predict that an important Golden Alignment would exist on October 27, 2011, the day of the recovery high.  Magi Astrology is correct - there was a Golden Alignment on October 27, 2011.  


Below is a Magi Astrology chart showing there was a Golden Alignment on that day:




Grand Trines are Golden Alignments and there was a Grand Trine formed by Mars, UB313/Eris and Quaoar. And once again, any astrologer who did not utilize UB313/Quoaor would not have seen this Golden Alignment.



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