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February 23, 2011


Bernie Madoff and Charlie Sheen have been very able to fool people.


Bernie Madoff stole money, and Charlie Sheen seems to be good at stealing women's hearts.


Obviously, Madoff is a great liar and Charlie Sheen is a great illusionist.  Unsuspecting investors bought into Madoff's lies, and love–starved women thought Charlie Sheen was their Prince Charming.


Madoff lied so well he stole $40 billion from his investors.  Charlie Sheen has had over a dozen romances with very beautiful women, and all of these romances ended with a blowout at 100 miles per hour – resulting in chaotic wrecks. 


Don't let yourself be fooled. 


A bad financial or romantic relationship can turn your life upside down and leave you in ruins.  But you can protect yourself from such catastrophes with the help of Magi Astrology.


The key to avoiding disastrous involvements is to be able to know the truth.  And nothing helps you to know the truth better than Magi Astrology.


If you master the principles of Magi Astrology, you will know the secrets of a person's soul.


Is he for real?  Is she for real?  Magi Astrology helps you know for sure.


If you want to know what someone is really all about, Magi Astrology helps you do this better than anything else.


When the Bernie Madoff scandal first made headlines in 2008, we taught Magi Society members how Magi Astrology knew Bernie Madoff was a thief – we did this in one of our Certification Classes.


That lesson about Bernie Madoff was limited to Magi Society members but we will soon be posting an article about the Magi Astrology of Bernie Madoff and we will explain how to spot an ultra-selfish financial thief and fraud by using Magi Astrology.


In this article we will discuss Charlie Sheen, the most highly paid actor on television, who is also a thief of women's hearts, and presently television's most neurotic super star.


Let us begin by quickly explaining the Magi principles that will help us know the secrets of anyone's soul.



Planetary Geometry Defines the Essence of A Person's Soul




For example, if we have a highly benevolent and peace-loving soul, astrology has been designed in ways so that we are allowed to be born when Jupiter is trine to the Sun, because Jupiter is symbolic of a peace-loving person.  Mikhail Gorbachev is an example of this.  He was born on a day with an exact Sun/Jupiter trine.


Second example: A soul that is highly belligerent and warlike can be born only when there is Planetary Geometry that represents belligerence, such as a parallel of Mars to Chiron.  This is because Mars is symbolic of war and Chiron represents natal tendencies.  Adolf Hitler was born on a day with an exact Mars/Chiron parallel.


For such reasons, Magi Astrology believes that the Planetary Geometry at the time anyone is born allows us to know the parameters of the person's essence, and what the person is really like. 


Magi Astrology allows you to take an X-Ray of a person and see the soul underneath the body.


Sun/Jupiter trines and Mars/Chiron parallels are both examples of Planetary Geometry.


If we utilize Magi Astrology principles to analyze Charlie Sheen's Planetary Geometry, we will know his essence, and we will be able to understand all of his standout characteristics.



Charlie Sheen Has a History of Crazy Behavior


Charlie Sheen is the most highly paid actor on television.  He is star of Two and a Half Men and until recently, most of his fans did not know much about his personal life.  Most fans think Sheen is just like the character he plays in his TV show – an over-sexed, immature, but harmless and oftentimes endearing womanizer.


But if you follow the news about Hollywood celebrities, you know that during the last year or so, Sheen's off stage antics have exposed some not so endearing aspects of Sheen's character. 


During the last 12 months, Sheen has been in and out of rehab two times, been accused by his third wife of attacking him with a knife, admitted to snorting cocaine and being in a drunken stupor at New York's Plaza Hotel, engaged in public battles with prostitutes he had hired for sex, etc. 


But Sheen has had worse problems.  Here is an excerpt about Sheen from


" … at 19 he fathered a child with a 17-year-old girlfriend. He was an awful student but a standout pitcher for his high school baseball team, and was offered a scholarship to play college ball for the University of Kansas, but it was revoked when he was expelled from high school after being arrested for credit card fraud and possession of marijuana." goes on to say: "Among his better-known off-screen antics, he shot his fiancé Kelly Preston, pled no contest to charges of battery on porn star Brittany Ashland, and spent upwards of $50,000 on prostitutes provided by Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss."


You get the picture.


Charlie Sheen is neurotic and unstable.



Charlie Sheen's Standout Characteristics


In some ways, Charlie Sheen is seemingly a contradiction.  He is super successful at making money, has millions of fans, never has trouble bedding beautiful women, has had multiple brushes with the law but never ended in jail and most of his ex-girl friends want him back.


Sheen is obviously extremely talented and extremely neurotic.


Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that fully understands and predicts all of Charlie Sheen's extreme talents and neuroses.


Charlie Sheen's standout characteristics are:


  • He is the most highly paid television actor.


  • He is prone to EXTREME NEUROTIC BEHAVIOR, is totally unpredictable, somewhat unstable and is attracted to drugs. He has had multiple brushes with the law.  He lives on the edge, right on the verge of falling off the cliff, but has never actually fallen off completely – yet.


  • He is extremely successful with women – even before he became rich and famous, a lot of women fell for him.


  • But every serious relationship he has ever had somehow ends with a blowout at 100 mph.


Can Traditional Astrology explain all of this?  No, it cannot.


Can Traditional Astrology explain any of this?  No, it cannot.


But Magi Astrology can explain all of the above.  Magi Astrology's principles of Planetary Geometry will help us understand everything essential about Charlie Sheen, and anyone else.



What makes Charlie Sheen Tick?


Magi Astrology knows the answer.  You can predict Charlie Sheen's and anyone else's significant tendencies and deepest secrets by analyzing their Planetary Geometry and utilizing the symbolisms of Magi Astrology. Below are the Magi Astrology natal charts of Charlie Sheen.  The first chart is his geocentric chart and the chart below is his Heliocentric chart.




Heliocentric Chart is:




Let's understand Sheen's simplest standout characteristic first – Sheen is super successful financially in large measure because he was born with two Cinderella Aspects – Chiron and Neptune are trine to each other in both the geocentric and Heliocentric skies.


Sheen also has Jupiter trine to Juno in the Heliocentric sky – this is indicative of success (Jupiter) at seduction (Juno) and illusions (Juno).  The combination of this aspect, and his two Cinderella Aspects, helps us understand the astrology behind Sheen's ability to deceive women into thinking he would make a perfect father and husband.


Now we get to the most interesting part of Sheen's secret self.


The Asteroid Sappho is the Key that Unlocks Charlie Sheen's secret self.  On September 22, 2009, the Magi Society posted an article that revealed on this website that Sappho is the asteroid that rules "Extreme Neurotic Behavior."  (Click here to read that article.  In that article, we were focusing on the effects of Sappho on stock markets.  But in this article, we focus on tight natal aspects with Sappho, and they have the same super charged influence on humans.


In natal charts, Sappho also rules Extreme Neurotic Behavior, and aspects between Saturn and Sappho are signs of the most extreme and most neurotic astro-influences.


Charlie Sheen has a whole slew of Sappho aspects so he has a lot of astro-influences that point to neurotic behavior.


He was born on a day when Saturn was nearly exactly square to Sappho in the geocentric sky, and Saturn also made a close sextile to Sappho in the Heliocentric Sky.  This means that Saturn and Sappho make aspects to each other in both the geocentric and Heliocentric skies.


When two planets are closely aspected in both the geocentric and Heliocentric skies, Magi Astrology refers to them as a Double Aspect.  Charlie Sheen was born with a Saturn/Sappho Double Aspect.  As you might suspect, Double Aspects reinforce each other and are more powerful than two normal aspects. 


Charlie Sheen has a Saturn/Sappho Double Aspect and that indicates his soul has incendiary neurotic tendencies.  That is tough but it gets worse – now comes the gasoline pouring onto the fire. 


Our first book, Astrology Really Works! revealed that the Magi Society learned that the MORE EXACT AN ASPECT IS, THE MORE POWERFUL IT IS.


Yes – you guessed it. Sheen's most exact aspect is his Saturn square Sappho.  It is a mere 0.1 degrees apart.


But there is even more.


As fans of Magi Astrology have known since our first book was published in 1995, Magi Astrology is the only system of astrology that goes beyond the simple two-planet aspects. Only Magi Astrology successfully understands and knows how to analyze Multi-Planet Aspects. 


T-Squares and Grand Trines are examples of Multi-Planet Aspects.  But Traditional Astrology does not know how to interpret them accurately. And it totally ignores some of the most powerful Multi-Planet Aspects such as a Mystical Triangle (an example of a Mystical Triangle is formed by Sheen's Heliocentric Jupiter, Juno and Neptune.)


In Magi Astrology, all Multi-Planet Aspects are examples of what we refer to as Planetary Synchronizations.


Planetary Synchronization occurs when three or more planets are aligned such that each planet makes an aspect to each other.  T-Squares are an example of Planetary Synchronization because each of the three planets that form the T-Square is in aspect to the other planets forming the T-Square.


Once again, our first book, Astrology Really Works! revealed crucial discoveries the Magi Society made about Planetary Synchronizations.  We discovered the following Magi Rules of Planetary Synchronization:





Magi Astrology Rules of Planetary Synchronization


1. The more planets there are in a Planetary Synchronization, the more powerful the synchronization is.


2. The more exact the aspects of a Planetary Synchronization, the more powerful the synchronization is.


3.  You can accurately interpret any Planetary Synchronization by combining and integrating the Magi symbolisms of the planets that comprise the synchronization.





Charlie Sheen's Sappho forms a lot of Planetary Synchronizations and we can understand what each one means by using the above rules.


In his geocentric chart, Sheen's Sappho is the "point planet" that forms a double T-Square with Saturn and Uranus and Pluto.  Using the Magi rules, we can interpret this synchronization in the following way:


Sheen is susceptible to unpredictable (Uranus), intense (Pluto), destructive (Saturn) and extremely neurotic (Sappho) behavior.


Guess what?  The exact same combination of four planets forms a Planetary Synchronization in Sheen's Heliocentric chart.  But the angles made by Sappho are different.


The Magi interpretation of this Heliocentric synchronization is the same as the geocentric but is less intense because the angles by Sappho are less tense.


Speaking about INTENSITY, this is a good time to discuss one another major deficiency of Traditional Astrology.



Traditional Astrology Lacks the Tools


For Measuring Intensity and Power



We did a Google search on "Astrology of Charlie Sheen."  We got an amazingly large listing of Traditional Astrology sites purporting to explain why Charlie Sheen is the way he is. 


We read many of these sites and they all gave Traditional Astrology's take on the astrology of Charlie Sheen.  It was painful reading because everything, and we mean everything, these sites purveyed were totally worthless and even misleading gibberish.


So how do Traditional Astrologers try to explain why Sheen is the most highly paid and unpredictably neurotic television star?


Some Traditional Astrologers say it is because he is a Virgo.  But we say so is one out of every twelve persons.


Other Traditional Astrologers claim it is because he has Gemini rising.  But we say so is one-twelfth of the world.


Still some other Traditional Astrologers assert that it is because Jupiter is now in Sheen's eighth house.  But we say Sheen was neurotic when Jupiter was in his seventh house, and his sixth house, and his fifth house and so on and so on.


The truth is that Traditional Astrology can never hope to explain Charlie Sheen because Traditional Astrology is missing the tools necessary to predict relative levels of anything.


Traditional Astrology cannot tell us the intensity, or level of power, or degree of extremity any condition or talent can reach.


Traditional Astrology is missing a QUANTITATIVE MEASURING TOOL.


But Magi Astrology does have useful quantitative measuring tools.


For example, Magi Society software has always included Time to Exact information about every aspect – and Magi Astrology knows that the closer to exact an aspect is, the more powerful it is, and the day that an aspect is exact is the most powerful day for the aspect.


For example, the more planets that form a synchronization, the more powerful it is.



Sheen's Rising Sign Changes In Seven Minutes


Almost all of the Traditional Astrology websites placed a lot of weight on the theory that Sheen had Gemini rising. 


But it was 2 degrees of Gemini.


If Sheen was born just 7 minutes earlier than the 10:48 PM time every astrologer uses, his rising sign would be Taurus and all the Traditional Astrology explanations about Sheen would be turned upside down.


Can we really be sure Charlie Sheen's soul entered his body at 10:48PM instead of seven minutes earlier?


We do not think so.




We wrote the above lesson to help you to understand matters you could not possibly understand without using the principles of Magi Astrology.  For one thing, Magi Astrology knows what Sappho is all about. But another huge advantage of Magi Astrology is that you can know so much without having any exact times of birth.


If you have ever used Traditional Astrology, we bet you have been disappointed.  Traditional Astrology is too general and not accurate and therefore could never help you understand any human or relationship.


In addition, Traditional Astrology is nearly a total prisoner of its requirement of needing an exact time of birth.  If you have ever used Traditional Astrology, you must have been totally frustrated many times because you could not obtain an accurate time of birth to use for your Traditional Astrology analysis.


On the other hand, one of the great beauties of Magi Astrology is that it gives us tons of information and insights without exact times of birth – Magi Astrology is a “timeless” gift to us and we should always use it in our lives.




Even without an exact time of birth,




Furthermore, even if we think we have found an accurate time of birth, the time is almost never accurate. Here is why:



We almost never know any person’s exact time of birth.


The times of birth on birth certificates are almost never accurate.  This is because the CRITERIA FOR EXACT TIMES OF BIRTH ARE DIFFERENT from doctor to doctor and nurse to nurse.


There has never been a uniform definition for “time of birth” among doctors and nurses, most of whom are not astrology fans.  One nurse may use the time when a baby’s head is visible, another nurse may use the time when the umbilical chord is cut, and still another nurse may simply write down a time the baby is safely delivered and the nurse can leave the delivery room. Or a doctor may just put in a time from memory after he leaves the delivery room.


For all the above reasons, the exact time of birth found on birth certificates is NOT reliable! 


But Magi Astrology is reliable without exact times of birth.


Look at what you can know through Magi Astrology without a time of birth!


Through the Magical Lens of Magi Astrology, we actually know more than Traditional Astrology could ever know about Charlie Sheen, and anyone else you wish to know more about.  We did it all without any exact time of birth – which is rarely accurate anyway. 


The techniques and principles of Magi Astrology are revolutionizing astrology all over the world and giving all who use Magi Astrology an advantage over every one else. 


(By the way, the techniques Traditional Astrologers use to rectify a chart are a farce because no two Traditional Astrologers ever independently come up with the same rectified time – they are always different.  Test them out and see for yourself.)






Magi Astrology is easy to learn and is the only form of astrology that actually helps you to improve your life.  With Magi Astrology, you can improve your love life and your career; and you can avoid heartbreaks in both love and business. This may sound like quite an exaggeration but please judge for yourself.  We invite you to a free download of the first 14 chapters of our third book by clicking here.  Reading these chapters is the best way to begin to learn Magi Astrology.




Since 1999, we have been able to consistently use the simple rules of Magi Astrology to explain the love life of hundreds of famous people on our websites because Magi Astrology Really Works.  This website has hundreds of articles all backing up the fact that Magi Astrology Really Works.







Have you noticed that other astrology websites have only a few examples of charts to back their theories?


The reason they have so few examples is because their theories do not work and therefore they have lots of trouble finding examples that back up their theories. 


But the Magi Society has no problem whatsoever finding examples to back up the principles of Magi Astrology because Magi Astrology Really Works.


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