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December 21, 2006


Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981

Kevin Federline was born on March 21, 1978





A good relationship will always have some give and take and both sides are willing to compromise in order to please the other.


But some relationships are so unfair that one side is dominant and rarely if ever compromises while the other keeps giving in.  The result is that the dominant person is able to, and does, take advantage of the passive person.  Under such circumstances, the passive person is not a partner in a relationship but instead is more like a CAPTIVE and feels TRAPPED.  For this reason, the Magi Society refers to such relationships as CAPTIVATIONS.


A captivation is a relationship between two persons where one person gets his or her way the vast majority of the time.  One person is the captive and feels trapped while the other is the TRAPPER and feels free to do whatever he or she wants. 


We see examples of captivations all the time.  A famous example of one is the captivation of Britney Spears by Kevin Federline.





To the surprise of many of her fans, superstar Britney Spears married her unknown backup dancer Kevin Federline on September 18, 2004.  After two short years of a very unhappy marriage, just a few weeks ago, Britney Spears filed legal papers to divorce Kevin Federline.  Almost no one except Federline was surprised.  The only surprise to most was that the marriage lasted as long as it did. 


In fact, some tabloids began predicting Britney would divorce Federline almost immediately after they got married.  These tabloids pointed out that Britney was a superstar while Federline was an unknown with no real talent and he wasn’t even really cute.  No one, including Spears and Federline, seemed to offer any good reasons why Britney ever married Federline in the first place. 


During their marriage, the tabloids were regularly ablaze with headlines about how Federline was taking advantage of Britney.  Just a little over a month ago, Federline was whooping it up in Las Vegas spending Britney’s money while she was home taking care of their two babies.  In fact, during their entire two-year marriage, Federline was always using Britney’s credit cards to enjoy nightlife by himself at hot spots in South Beach, Santa Monica, New York, even Europe, while Britney seemed clueless at home taking care of first one baby then two babies.


So everyone wants to know – How did Federline trap Britney Spears into a captivation?  What in the world did Britney see in Federline? 


The answers are always in the stars!


But only Magi Astrology can read the answers!





Captivations and personal entrapment is a very common problem.  Captivations occur not just in romance but also in employment and all forms of human affairs. 


For example, an employee can be trapped by a company or a job and work like a dog without getting enough pay or credit – you need the job but cannot stand it and cannot get ahead. This is a common form of captivation – the Magi Society calls it JOB ENTRAPMENT.


Another example is when two persons are “friends” but one person gets all the benefits while the other does most of the work and lays out most of the money.  This also occurs too much and we call it personal entrapment.


Here is a much less obvious example – when a person has a credit card and cannot seem to stop using it even though the person cannot afford to spend any more money, then that too is a form of personal entrapment.  The credit card company has trapped the cardholder.


What are the astrological reasons for captivations and entrapments?


Traditional Astrology certainly does not know the answers to such questions.


Captivations and entrapments are just more examples of the many situations that Traditional Astrology cannot help us with.  But even worse, Traditional Astrology is actually harmful because it misleads us. If we use Traditional Astrology to try to help us in such matters, we would into all kinds of trouble.


On the other hand, Magi Astrology not only helps us to understand captivations and entrapments, we can also use Magi Astrology to overcome anyone and anything that has trapped us – Magi Astrology will set us free.


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline is a good example of everything we are talking about.





Why did Britney fall for Federline and how could Federline have gotten away with his shenanigans for so long?  How could Kevin Federline entrap Britney and have so much control over her?


Magi Astrology has the answers!


That explanation can only be understood through a special concept of Magi Astrology that we call the SATURN BOND.


In Magi Astrology, a Saturn Bond occurs in a CAC when one person’s Saturn forms a trine, conjunction or parallel to the other person’s Chiron, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter or Sun.

One of the results of a Saturn Bond is that the person who contributes the Saturn (called the Saturn Person) has a great deal of control over the other person (called the Passive Person). 

Traditional Astrologers have long noticed that Saturn Bonds exist in many couples who stay together for very long times.  Because of this fact, Traditional Astrologers have interpreted Saturn Bonds as being helpful to have in a relationship and that they help keep two persons together.  But Traditional Astrology has missed the most important characteristic about Saturn Bonds which is that the Saturn Person has the upper hand in the relationship and can take advantage of the Passive Person.



A Saturn Bond creates an unequal relationship where the Saturn Person is in the driver’s seat and the Passive Person is a less than equal partner and can feel like he or she is trapped in the relationship but does not know how to get out.



Traditional Astrology is wrong in its belief that Saturn Bonds mutually keep two persons together.  The truth is Saturn Bonds do not work mutually – instead Saturn Bonds tie the Passive Person to the Saturn Person but the Saturn Person feels free to do whatever he or she wants and does not feel bond to the Passive Person and can walk away from the relationship.

To summarize, when a CAC has s a Saturn Bond, the Saturn Person is the Trapper and the Passive Person is the Captive.  

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are a perfect example of all this.





Below is a CAC of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline that highlights the fact they form two Saturn Bonds and in both bonds, Federline is the Trapper and Britney is the Captive.


In the CAC below, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Spears was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Federline was born.




The position of Kevin’s natal Saturn (red Saturn located at 24.7 degrees Leo) forms two Saturn Bonds and in both cases, Federline is the Saturn Person; this means Federline is the Trapper and Britney is the Captive.  The two Saturn Bonds are:


Federline’s natal Saturn is parallel to Britney’s natal Chiron

Federline’s natal Saturn is trine to Britney’s natal Neptune


Whenever two persons form a CAC that has any Saturn Bond, the Saturn Person has significant control over the Passive Person and the Saturn Person becomes the Trapper while the Passive Person becomes the Captive.


In the case of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Federline is the Saturn Person TWO TIMES – Federline is the Saturn Person of both Saturn Bonds.  This means Federline had double control over Britney.


This is the main astrology reason that Kevin Federline had enormous influence over Britney Spears.


[The Magi Society is proud to have the world’s best interpretations upgrades for our Members Only Software.  For example, our interpretation upgrades explain that the Saturn-Neptune trine acts like a “ball and chain” where the Saturn Person has “an unusual level of control” over the Passive Person in all ways.]


On this website, we have given you several other famous examples of the power of Saturn Bonds and how much harm it can do.  Do you remember the case of the married Congressman Gary Condit and his mistress Chandra Levy?  Condit had so much control over Levy that she was not allowed to ever call him directly but would call an answering machine set up just for leaving each other messages  – click here to read about Chandra Levy and Gary Condit).





Saturn Clashes represent another class of interaspect that creates entrapment. 


A Saturn Clash is different from a Saturn Bond.


As we just explained, in Magi Astrology, a Saturn Bond occurs in a CAC when one person’s Saturn forms a trine, conjunction or parallel to the other person’s Chiron, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter or Sun.


But a Saturn Clash exists in a CAC when one person’s Saturn is square, opposed, quincunx or contra-parallel to any natal planet of the other person. 


Like the Saturn Bond, in a Saturn Clash, the person who contributes the Saturn is the Saturn Person and the other person is the Passive Person and the Saturn Person has a degree of control over the Passive Person. 


But in the case of a Saturn Clash, the degree of control is higher.  Even worse, the likelihood that the Saturn Person will use this control selfishly and ultimately hurt the Passive person is intolerably high.  In the case of the Heartbreak Clash and the Nuclear Clash, the likelihood of harm is so high that whenever anyone is the Passive Person in a CAC with either of these Saturn Clashes, we always recommend avoiding the relationship altogether.


Besides the Heartbreak Clash and the Nuclear Clash, the worst Saturn Clashes are Saturn Clashes made to Neptune, Venus and Sun.  (This is logical because Neptune and Venus are Romance Planets and the Sun represents the person.)  These three Saturn Clashes are Bitter Saturn Clashes.


Kevin Federline and Britney Spears form a Bitter Saturn Clash and once again, Kevin is the Saturn Person.  Kevin’s Saturn is quincunx to Britney’s Venus.


So Federline had enormous control over Britney and he took advantage of it.







Saturn Bonds and Clashes are unique tools of Magi Astrology.  There is nothing like them in Traditional Astrology. 


As we said before, Traditional Astrology is not only clueless about Saturn Bonds and Clashes, it is also misleading about them.  Traditional Astrology claims that when two persons form any Saturn interaspect, then the Saturn person is the “teacher in the relationship.” 


Once again, Traditional Astrology is absurdly wrong here.  Kevin Federline did not teach Britney Spears anything -- except that he is a selfish bum.  Britney should have figured that out right from the start – everyone else knew it.


Please do not believe this “teacher” nonsense that Traditional Astrology claims about Saturn interaspects.  The fact is Saturn interaspects are astrological signs of problems that will haunt any relationship.





In the case of Kevin Federline and Britney Spears, they form three Saturn interaspects and in all three of them, Federline is the Saturn Person.  This is an example of a One-Sided Captivation.


But there is another condition that we should discuss.


Quite often, the CAC of a couple will have two Saturn Bonds where one person is the Saturn Person of one Saturn Bond, while the other person is the Saturn Person of the other Saturn Bond.  Magi Astrology refers to this condition as SATURN BALANCE because there is balance between the two persons – both persons are the Captive and the Trapper and under such circumstances, neither person has the upper hand in the relationship and each has some power over the other but neither is dominant.  When there is Saturn Balance, we do not consider the relationship to be a One-Sided Captivation because it is not one-sided.  But it is still a Captivation; we call such conditions a Mutual Captivation.


Depending on the level of love between the two persons and depending on how wise both people are, when a couple has Saturn Balance, the balance can at times help to keep the two persons together.  But the character of the binding energy is not romantic because there is absolutely nothing romantic about Saturn.  That’s why we call them Mutual Captivations with the emphasis on “captivation.” Although we do not warn you against having a relationship with Saturn Balance, we also advise that if you have a choice, you should avoid them.





As we have always advised:


When you analyze any CAC, please remember to always take into account all the interaspects and Planetary Geometry that is formed.  As we have always said, every interaspect has an influence and none of them cancel each other out. 


This is another very important rule of Magi Astrology.





Every interaspect has an influence and no two interaspects ever cancel each other out.  In other words, if two persons have both the Magical Linkage (Venus and Chiron at a Magical Angle) and the Nuclear Clash, their relationship will always be influenced by both of these very powerful interaspects.  They will be romantically attracted to each other and at the same time have a turbulent relationship.




At first glance, this may seem that it is very complicated to analyze a relationship by using Magi Astrology.  But we look at it this way:






There are many facets to every human relationship.  Every relationship is a mosaic of many characteristics.  Every relationship, especially those that involve love, is complex.  For example, you love him but you don’t always like him; at times he treats you great and at times he is a rat; you know he loves you but he still will not commit and it drives you nuts; he sometimes reads your soul and fulfills your every need but sometimes he is oblivious like he is on another planet; you have the best of times and also you have the worst of times together; some times are so exhilarating you are sure you are in heaven but other times are so depressing you cannot stand it. 


You know what we mean. Life it not simple. Relationships are not simple.


So if life is not simple, how can a simple form of astrology understand it?


Since life is not simple, why should we ever use an astrology that is too simple? 


That is one of the many problems of Traditional Astrology – Traditional Astrology is so simple it cannot possibly work on anything that is not simple such as real life.


Life and love cannot be understood with simple catchall phrases about just twelve signs of the zodiac. There are an infinite variety of personalities and unlimited variations of relationships.  In order for any form of astrology to actually work, it must have the depth necessary to explain all the infinite possibilities that exist in real life.  But Traditional Astrology is shallow and has no depth – it is overly simple.  The puny tools of Traditional Astrology are no match for the complications of real life situations so Traditional Astrology has never really worked.  Deep down, every Traditional Astrologer knows this but cannot admit it.


If you look at astrology websites devoted to Traditional Astrology, they present you with vague analyses and very few examples.   They have so few examples because they cannot find enough examples to back up their astrology – that is because their astrology does not work.


On the other hand, Magi Society websites already now have well over a hundred famous examples of how to use Magi Astrology to understand the lives of celebrities. 


And we keep adding more examples as news about celebrities come up.  We can do this because Magi Astrology Really Works!  Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that gives us the ability to understand all and any relationships. 





We have explained the main astrological reason why Kevin Federline was able to take advantage of Britney Spears – it is because he was the Saturn Person of three Saturn Bonds/Clashes, making him the Trapper and Britney the Captive.


Saturn Bonds will bind the captive person to the trapper.


There in another way one person can be bonded to another person and fortunately, this other bonding is more palatable.  It is LUST. Lust is second way a person can feel bond to another person.


But in the case of lust, the result of the bonding does not by itself create captivity; it merely creates a bond.  Even better, bonds of lust are usually mutual in nature so generally speaking; neither person has the upper hand.  For this reason, we refer to this as a Lust Bond or Sex Bond and these bonds are not captivities but rather they are more like “ties or connections” – but the best word to describe it is “bond.”  Both persons in a Lust Bond will feel bonded to each other.  


Magi Astrology understands the astrology of Lust Bonds.  According to Magi Astrology, two persons can be tied together in a Lust Bond if they form more than one Juno Sexual Linkage.


A Juno Sexual Linkage is formed in two ways:


·         A linkage between one person’s natal Juno and any other person’s natal Sexual Planet (Venus, Mars, Pluto and Juno are Sexual Planets)


·         Or a linkage between one person’s natal Juno and any other person’s Romance Planet (Venus, Neptune and Chiron are Romance Planets). 


The two most powerful Juno Sexual Linkages are the Juno-Venus linkage and the Juno-Chiron linkage.  They are so powerful that we gave them special names.  They Juno-Venus linkage is the Ultimate Sexual Linkage and the Juno-Chiron linkage is the Lifetime Sexual Linkage.  We have discussed these two special linkages before.  Both of them are so powerful that if two persons form just one of them, and the two persons are “each other’s type” (meaning someone they would normally be physically attracted to) then the two persons would be just about irresistibly sexually attracted to each other.


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline form both the Ultimate Sexual Linkage and the Lifetime Sexual Linkage.  (No wonder Kevin was always bragging about how “hot” they were together.) 


When we use Magi Society software, we can create a CAC and easily see Sexual Linkages.  In the CAC below, the black planets represent the positions of the planets when Spears was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Federline was born.




In the above CAC, please take notice of the fact that Federline and Spears form so many sexual linkages we could not show them all without clogging up the whole chart. (We could not draw in the Venus-Mars contra-parallel sexual linkage without making the chart look overly crowded.)


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline form six separate Sexual Linkages, including the Ultimate Sexual Linkage and the Lifetime Sexual Linkage, and they also formed two Sexual Vortices (a Sexual Vortex is when three Sexual Planets all make interaspects to each other).


Obviously, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were in LUST and had great sex.


They also formed one Romance Linkage; the single Romance Linkage was overshadowed by all the Sexual Linkages and the Saturn Bonds, but the Romance Linkage was just enough to make them think they were in love.


So now we pretty much get the whole picture of the Spears-Federline relationship.


Magi Astrology fully explains why Britney Spears was so irresistibly attracted to Kevin Federline even though just about no one understood why.   We also now know why they thought they were in love, but they were not really.  And most importantly, we know the reason why Federline was able to take advantage of Britney Spears for so long.


Earlier we said that a relationship between two persons is never simple, but has many facets and is more like a mosaic.  We just gave you an example of how Magi Astrology can help you to understand the most important characteristics of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, one of the most famous relationships in America.  Traditional Astrology (the type of astrology you read about in horoscope columns) is far too simplistic to ever be able to help you understand the Spears-Federline relationship, or any relationship.





Magi Astrology can help you dramatically improve your life and save you from disaster.  If Britney Spears had used Magi Astrology, she would have known that Federline would have too much control over her and she could have acted accordingly and avoided her disastrous marriage. 


If you would like to learn Magi Astrology, the best way to begin is by reading our free mini-books. We have two of them and together these mini-books are the first 300 pages of our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money.  You may download the free mini-books by clicking here.


Magi Astrology is not as simple as Traditional Astrology to learn.  However, Traditional Astrology does not work whereas Magi Astrology Really Works and is therefore worth learning.  Our fans tell us that Magi Astrology is actually easy to learn but it takes time to learn it. 


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